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In today's news post, we will be featuring the Boeing AH-64 Apache, an asset developed by Crydev User 7OX, for use in Crysis & Crysis Wars.

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Posted Mar 22 2013  by pythonselkan
In today's news post, we will be featuring a CryENGINE 2 project titled: Base Project: IA, which is being developed by Crydev user Falcon197 and his team: ~S9~.

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Posted Jan 08 2013  by Litos456
Greetings everyone! Today we'd like to announce on behalf of the StarCry team that the beta for the recently announced StarCry Wars modification is available! Talented modders MMX and Dark_Wolf worked together to bring you a multiplayer version of the single player StarCry mod, which itself was also released in September last year.

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Posted Dec 22 2012  by Cry-Kane
Aurayama is a project equivalent of 'the turtle' - slow and steady wins the race; which is the work ethic employed by its creator Andrey Filantrop. Aurayama started out life as “Eternal Flight: Heart of a Volcano”, before it reignited development under its new moniker.

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StarCry Wars is the multiplayer adaptation of StarCry, a mod for the game Crysis with numerous references of science fiction well-known to players. The mod features a plethora of themes from the Sci-Fi genre, and soon you will be able to play these online!

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