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Posted Dec 16 2012  by Thomy
Casus Belli, the renowned full conversion mod for Crysis Wars, has improved on many fronts with its latest update...

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Posted Dec 03 2012  by KnightVision3D
It is 1961, you are an American Spy in Vietnam. You only have yourself to trust, surrounded by enemies in one of the most hostile places in the world. Oh and a lot of Napalm.

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Posted Mar 29 2012  by Ruan
Today we're featuring a new singleplayer campaign from long-time CryDev member McKool. The Mutant Factor promises two hours of gameplay spread across three levels with voice acting, cutscenes, and new powers included.

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RayFan9876 has released a media update to the in development mod Rayman: Revenge of the Dark. They also offer an insight into their rigging process within 3D Studio Max.

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One of the largest and most comprehensive modifications ever done for Crysis Wars, today we bring you a pre-release update on the next intended release build of Mechwarrior Living Legends, version 0.5.5. Intended to be a hotfix originally, this new version will now bring a few new features to the mix...

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