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Do you remember the uber ambitious project called Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Of course you do, how could you not! To the two people who were asleep for the past year...

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It is that time of the month again: The week is almost over, the weekend looms large and inviting- and Steam has a new CRYENGINE build waiting to be downloaded by all our subscribers! So what is new, fixed or improved in this release?

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Exploring. Relaxing. Thinking. At first glance, those three words might sound more like an itinerary for a weekend in the country than the staples of an engrossing videogame, but one newly-released CRYENGINE project is out to prove that there's more to the medium than typically meets the eye.

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Posted Nov 03 2014  by Vigilante
Who doesn't like exploring dark, misty forests that might be filled with shadowy creatures? I know I do, and I'm pretty sure the creators of The Cursed Forest think as well.

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We are back with another Update from the CRYENGINE Team, and as you know that can only mean one thing- the end is nigh! Sorry, got a little carried away with the Halloween spirit. What it actually means – as you probably already guessed form our headline – is that we have just released a new Update for CRYENGINE to all our Steam Subscribers.

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