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Welcome to todays news post everyone! Today we will be featuring an update from the talented modder sebastian___, who has been hard at work on his unnamed adventure/fantasy movie. We last talked about one of his assets, the glow shader and the movie project. This will be a short movie with an idea similar to that of the TV show Lost, which means it is bound to have...

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Posted Apr 09 2011  by I-E-D
In todays news post, we will be featuring RayFan9876 and her CE2 realisation of Rayman, Rayman 1.5 - Revenge of the Dark. Heres a bit about the story which well follow up with some media: Ever since the defeat of Mister Dark, Rayman had noticed something wrong, as if he had forgotten something important, something unfinished. In an attempt to relax, he brushes it off, but thats...

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Posted Mar 20 2011  by I-E-D
In today's news post, we will be featuring a modification lead by two brothers, Python and Selkan called Frozen Colony . The mod will be split up into different acts with different settings.. If enough people want it, Python and Selkan have stated that it could be made into a trilogy. Media Below you can see a variety of trailers, from the announcement trailer to a...

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Posted Mar 20 2011  by I-E-D
Talented community members CaptainChris , Pat21 , Hamers and Jaco_E have been hard at work finalizing the final episode of the popular Rainy Days trilogy. Following the success of the first two episodes, The Harbour and Rainy Days, the developers behind the series are determined to make this latest episode the best and greatest of them all. The guys behind the series are...

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Posted Mar 19 2011  by I-E-D
Recently, forum member Kilroy357 released his Tactical Expansion Mod to the community, and we decided to take it for a test. The mod adds lots more ammo types and upgrades which you'll see more of later! To view Kilroy 's ModDB page click here. You can download the mod from the Crymod Download Database here . Media We decided to make a fast paced video showing off most of...

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