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Posted Oct 11 2012  by Vigilante

You know what's the best thing in October? Halloween. Our forum user octobergames surely agrees, as he is already giving people spooks with his scary halloween models that draw inspiration from some classic horror titles like Nightmare on Elmstreet, Friday the 13th and the Puppetmaster, which can be seen on one of his websites.

The reason we're featuring him today is his latest creation, known as "the great pumpkin" or "Frightman", a half-decayed zombie with a pumpkin head and a nasty hook in his right hand - I really don't want to meet him in a dark alley! Let's hope the author releases this model together with the old ones, as some of us could think of a million way to use them - a horror game with jump scares, a first person shooter or perhaps an all out multiplayer battle royal?


Go visit his personal website if you're interested in his portfolio and want to see some other, non-horror models he created.

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