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Posted Oct 13 2012  by Cry-Kane

One of the more intriguing projects that has recently surfaced is Paradigm. The team at scaleshift offer us a chilling view of a machine world who's only organic presence is maintained by a 'prime mover'.

Set in a mechanical world, whereby man's intervention has created a machine landscape, a hybrid nature, that is held together by the 'prime mover', a cosmological technology that continues the movements of nature, stopping the natural world from dying. Man's treatment of the landscape led to this point, causing for a direct intervention into the natural orders, building an autonomous framework of natural progression. The machines lie within the realms of the alchemical orders which, when combined in various forms, can suspend the natural degradation of the planet.

The team are currently crafting their vision into a workable game world with many areas planned such as:

  • Lattice
  • Temple
  • The Farm / Harbour
  • Hydro Electrical Machine / Alchemical Area
  • Transport / Communication Grid
  • Energy Fields
  • Waystation Hub


For more information on Paradigm, you can head over to their project page, website or blog using the links below.

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