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Posted Oct 15 2012  by KnightVision3D

The start of this week sees a fantastic piece of work by the_grim. This grass mod is a beautiful addition for CryEngine 3 providing an even more realistic and enhanced feel to your foliage.

Included in the pack are 3 flavours of grass, in short, medium and tall heights. Each height comes in three size variations, except for the tall one which only has two. The tall grass has touch bending and AI obstruction enabled (yes you can hide from the AI amongst the grass!)


the_grim has also shown us a breakdown of the various LOD's featured in this mod, nicely optimized and well presented. Having used this I can say there are no performance issues, and when used properly. You get fantastic results. So I hope to see more in the near future.


the_grim Grass V1:: Screenshot

Yes you can hide from the AI amongst the grass!

This is something that certainly appeals to me as a modder, and should also to you level artists out there. However - if you are struggling for inspiration. Just think, sniper rifle courses where you are forced to think tactically and be in the prone/kneeling position to take out your target.

I have already had some fun doing that.

More to Come


the_grim Grass V1:: Screenshot

As well as proposed tutorials that will be released by the_grim, above we see new forms of flora and forna that are sure to be making an appearance in the next version. So if you like your levels doused in flower power, I highly suggest you keep your eyes peeled on this!

Joking aside though, In my eyes it does present the possibility for even more elaborate forms of plant life to be added, which makes our lives easier after all the hard work is done of actually building a level.

Installation of this mod has been made easy by its avalibility as a PAK download, so you can just drop it into your CryEngine3/Game folder and you are good to go. The grass can be found in Objects/Natural/grass.

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