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Posted Oct 30 2012  by Vigilante

Our talented user hendrikp is currently working on a very useful thing that can save you a lot of trouble - a plugin SDK for Cryengine 3! Before you get too excited, the plugin SDK is currently only available for developers, as he didn't have time to actually deploy the plugins. hendrikp is always happy to receive a helping hand, so don't hesitate if you want and are able to speed up the release.

The purpose of the Plugin SDK is to load up plugins without modifying the GameDLL file by using a wizard to set up your plugin projects.

Available plugins:
Here's a list of currently available plugins and an example tutorial, created by Victor "kimba23" Morales, on how to use one of those plugins to control Cryengine 3 with your smartphone.

  • Crymono - Brings the power of .NET into the world of CryEngine
  • Plugin_Videoplayer - Videoplayer for 2D screen and 3D objects using WebM format
  • Plugin_OSC - Open Sound Control protocol support for integrating external applications / sound hardware
  • Plugin_Flite - Provides Text to Speech
  • Plugin_D3D - Exposes Direct3D 9 and 11 functionality, also access to the renderthread
  • Plugin_Crash - Crashes the process and serves as sample plugin

You can also check work in progress plugins, request some other plugin integration and more on Plugin SDK github page. Also make sure to visit the thread to learn more about licensing, installation or creating a new plugin.

Related Links:
- Plugin SDK Thread
- Github Plugin SDK Page
- Download Link
- Plugin Tutorial

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