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Posted Jun 28 2014  by The Vulture

Good evening CryENGINEERS! Today we're taking a look at CryENGINE Game Starter-Kits, a tutorial made by our very own staff member Richmar1, in which he runs through the process of creating a Blank Game starter kit for use in CryENGINE's EaaS builds. But there's more...

About the project


Richmar1 generously allows you to download the Blank Starter-Kit he made, completely without charge. Here's a few notes he shared in his thread linked at the bottom of the article.

  • Complete source code implementing all needed interfaces to make a complete CRYENGINE game from scratch.
  • No sample default FPS Gamedll code.
  • Every interface, class, method, and member variable is completely documented and has per-parameter method documentation and Intellisense.
  • Fully featured Visual Studio project template and wizard.
  • No-Fuss Installer that sets everything up for you with no effort.
  • Very liberal license that allows you to do whatever you like with the entire game template, even sell it.

On top of this, Richmar1 has painstakingly taken it upon himself to thoroughly document every part of the Starter-Kit. This includes Interfaces, Classes, Functions, Arguments and Member values, so you should have no issues with understanding and reading through all of the materials included in the download.

He also points out, that this is a complete Game Starter-Kit and not just code. The Starter-Kit comes with complete starter content and teaches you how to start a game in CryENGINE from scratch. In the future, Richmar1 is planning to add more starter kits for genres like RPGs, RTS and 3D Sidescroller Platformers, and that the main goal down the line is having an asset store where users can contribute their own content and even sell it if they choose to do so. As a final note, Richmar1 also says that the Starter-Kit download includes A Visual Studio code template and setup wizard.

Tutorial and Download


So without further ado, here is the tutorial created by Richmar1. Make sure to watch it on YouTube in highest quality!


Thanks for reading today's news article covering this exciting project. We love when users take initiatives like this and encourage everyone to share their knowledge on all things CryENGINE. We can't wait to see Richmar1's future ideas being integrated as an essential part the CryENGINE EaaS experience.

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