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Posted Sep 19 2011  by Cry-Adam

Think Inside & Outside The Box!

Before we announce the winners we just want to give a big thank you to all the participants for joining in on CryDev's first official competition! It was something a little different, a bit of fun and we look forward to running the next competition soon.

There were many excellent entries which made judging them very difficult but when it came down to the wire there were only a couple of votes between the top 3 places, making it very tight competition, so well done there guys :)

Third place
Coming in at number 3 we had a very smart entry from The Vulture with "Cry-Museum". In this entry, The Vulture put together some beautifully detailed set pieces which were created by shrinking objects down to miniature size, then placing them inside glass cabinets. This was really thinking inside and outside the box and as such, we're happy to give the following prize pack for this entry!

  • Roccat Kova+ Mouse
  • Roccat Sota Mouse Pad
  • CryDev t-shirt

Second Place
Talk about capturing an amazing scene with an immense amount of detail and precision! Inspired by the first Alien movie, this futuristic sci-fi scene called "Journey to the sun", created by Duruk, shows the inside of space ship headed straight for the sun, geared up and on high alert to a nearby alien presence. With so much detail being applied to what started out as just a solid box, we say congratulations to Duruk and we hope you enjoy your prizes:

  • Roccat Kone+ Mouse
  • Roccat Sota Mouse Pad
  • CryDev t-shirt

First Place
With such tight competition nearby, it was difficult to place an overall winner but we hope you all join us in congratulating Vert-X for the astounding work on his entry called "Ancient". This amazing set piece takes a giant leap outside the box and while being remarked by the author as "not very imaginative", we think this couldn't be further from the truth. Reminiscent of something you'd find in an Indiana Jones movie, this inspiring entry captures its title exactly with beautifully placed vegetation and lots of giant, well-placed custom assets. As a reward for your efforts, we hope you enjoy the following prizes:

  • Roccat Kulo Stereo Headset
  • Roccat Kone+ Mouse
  • Roccat Sota Mouse Pad
  • CryDev t-shirt
  • Signed copy (by the Yerlis & the Tracys) of the CryENGINE Cookbook

That wraps up our first official CryDev competition. To our winners, we'll be contacting you via PM shortly to grab your details. To those of you who didn't make the cut, keep your heads held high and know that there's much more to come. We're going to put your skills to the test with more innovative and exclusive competitions to not only find special talent hidden among you but to help you develop your skills even further, perhaps skills you weren't even aware you possessed!

Thanks to everyone from the CryDev Staff Team :easter:

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