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Posted Nov 19 2011  by Cry-Kane

Military Assault Command Operations

JohnBart and his team at Lightspeed Design Studios have released the media below on progress of their SinglePlayer Crysis2 modification - Star Trek: Enterprise - M.A.C.O.

Having tested the engines suitability for the modification with example maps for both exterior and interior environments set in space JohnBart tells us that the development team is looking for additional team members to help speed up the production of the first episode release.



JohnBart explains a little about the plan for the mods development:
Set one year after the events of the TV-show's last season, the modification aims to portray the events leading to the Earth-Romulan War (one of the major, yet unseen armed conflicts of the Trek universe) in a linear, story-oriented fashion. The story arc itself would be told in one-hour episodes from the perspective of an operative of Earth's elite military organization known as Military Assault Command Operations, or M.A.C.O.

The mod aims to follow the footsteps of the Elite Force FPS-series: gameplay would consist roughly 75% combat and 25% puzzle-solving, sometimes interrupted by free roam sections during which the player can explore the titular starship within reasonable bounds.

With realistic aims and a defined development strategy expect to see this mod available to download sooner rather than later, and always remember to Live Long and Prosper.

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