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Posted Dec 24 2011  by Ruan

CryMono v0.1 is the first public release of the C#/.NET implementation for CryENGINE3 developed by Ink Studios. It brings the power of C# into the world of CryENGINE3, allowing game logic to be scripted in a faster and easier to use language than Lua.

CryMono ships several new components for the engine. A custom build of Mono from source enables 64bit support, the Base Class Library contains an array of engine features for use in your code, and the Manager/CryMono library ties everything together.


Current Engine Features

A robust console implementation handles console variables (CVars) and maps all the useful engine logging functions. Need to keep track of some information during testing? No problem.

Create entity code files and have them automagically registered and loaded by the engine, properties and all. No configuration required.

Currently a work-in-progress, but allows for registration of custom game modes with all the usual CryENGINE game mode events.

Not yet implemented.

Coming soon: use MonoDevelop to debug your C# code, and say adios to printing convoluted strings to check your data.

Need to get the base engine folder? Find your scripts location? CryPath has you covered. Need some rudimentary profiling? CryStats tracks managed memory usage.


Heard enough? All the necessary files are available on our public GitHub repository, along with installation instructions. The full license terms are also in this repo.

We'll have a full API reference up shortly. This will be regularly updated as we push updates to the project. In the meantime, guides on entity creation and integrating the system into your project are available. If you're interested in the direction that project is taking, please consult our roadmap for v0.2.

Additional Credits
Sam 'ins' Neirinck - Cemono
Novell Inc. - The Mono Class Library, The Mono Runtime Libraries

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