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Posted Mar 10 2012  by Ruan

The latest version of CryMono, the CryENGINE extension bringing the power of C# to the CryDev community, has now been released, featuring a host of new scriptbinds in addition to the release's major feature, realtime scripting.

Release Highlights
  • Realtime Scripting functionality - No need to restart the Editor for the majority of C# changes, scripts will be reloaded and ready to be used automatically!
  • Vastly improved documentation to provide support for the growing userbase.
  • Automatic script assembly reference location system - Scans through *.cs files for usings, and automatically inludes the necessary assembly.
  • InputSystem - CryENGINE actionmap C# interface.
  • Basic engine scriptbinds - Easy access to the viewport, ray intersections and more.
  • Common Language Specification Compliancy
  • Supports CryENGINE Free SDK version 3.3.9.

Realtime Scripting
Let's be honest: no-one ever did anything productive staring at the Visual Studio C++ build output log. To that end, we built what we call Realtime Scripting. Rather than having to compile your solution and reload the editor to test your latest changes, simply save your C# code files and watch your game update in just a few seconds!

If your updated codebase has an error, we just retain the state of the last working codebase, meaning you can quietly fix it without having to explain why your build just exploded.

i59 has put together a video showcasing this new feature. To best see the code and what exactly is going on, we recommend you view it in HD on Youtube.

New Sample
You can download the first draft of our Angry Boids game here. At present, there's a functional launcher that uses the mouse position, entities that can be thrown (albeit not yet boids!), and enemies that die on impact based on velocity. All the source code is included in GameScriptsCryGameCode.sln.

We've created a new general documentation hub that can be found at We've also updated the code references, which can be found here.

As ever, the source for CryMono itself is available on GitHub. If you'd like to integrate CryMono into an existing project, please see our documentation on the subject.

If you have any questions, need any support, or have some cool work you've done using CryMono that you'd like to show off, you can contact us via the forum thread, our Facebook page, and our Twitter account.

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