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Posted Apr 19 2012  by Litos456

Hello fellow CryDevs! Today we'd like to take a trip back in time and show you an upcoming project with the good old CryEngine 2. CryDev imallthat has been working on Project Tarnel, a single-player story based modification for Crysis. imallthat is aiming for 3-4 parts with 30-40 minutes of gameplay for each, so it's definitely something to look forward to.

In Project Tarnel, you play as an american born child who was fostered into care by an Asian family at a young age. He lives in Asia until adulthood then moves to Tarnel following a job offer to work for Oil Wellborn, an oil mining company.

Things get out of hand when you and the rest of the crew on the island find out that the new Asian dictator is seeking to take military control of every offshore landmass to use the islands to store weapons and develop weapon technology. You and your team decide to take a stand and defend an island, rescuing your brother in the process, who joined the Asian army but was about to be killed.

In addition to the captivating story, Project Tarnel excels in the graphics and level design department, featuring Crysis-like island environments with a bright, sunny TOD (Time of Day). Here are a selection of the screenshots - but be sure to check out the official thread for more!



That's all for today's post folks! Once again, don't forget to check out the official thread for the mod for more plot details and pretty screenshots. Have a great day!

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