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Every so often somthing so fantastic happens that you just find yourself jumping up and shouting YES! For those of you in the indie game and open source development crowd, like myself, this is one of those times. Our good friend Angelo or Angjminer as you all know him, has been hard at work and I do mean hard at work on the brand spankin new version of CryBlend, version 3.1. Because of the recent 2.63 Blender release, I was almost not able to write this news for you today but Mr. Angjminer worked right though the weekend and at 4:46 PM PST today he was done with the port. I have tell you that this is a phenomenal addition to the open source arsenal of tools, dare I say that with this and one other tool I will be writing about in a future article you can now produce a game 100% free! So lets get to it shall we, there is a great deal to cover.


First your probably wondering where can I get this tiny slice of awesome? Well through the technical wizardry of the the Internets it is brought to you at the bottom of this article, just click the link and wait 3 or so seconds. This thing is dinky 25K zipped and 192k in all its Python glory. Once you have it downloaded there are a few simple steps to get it up and functional. Read on to learn more...

Installing the Add-On
  • Unzip to a location you will remember
  • Copy the io_export_cryblend folder entirely to Blender2.63scriptsaddons
  • Open Blender and select file > User Preferences
  • Select the Addons tab and then game Game-Export catagory
  • Check the box in the upper right hand corner
  • Now the add-on is activated
  • I like to save as default so the add-on will always be active

Activating the Add-On
  • From the CryBLend Menu in the top tool bar in Blender select "Find the Resource Compiler"


  • Navigate to the location where you placed the CryEngine SDK
  • Select rc.exe located in Bin32rc
  • Click the "Find the Resource Compiler" button in the upper right hand corner in Blender
  • Now the add-on is ready to export to CryENGINE 3

Now that you have CryBlend installed here are a few tutorials you can run through to get you started. The following video turtorials were put togther by Angjminer they should help to wet your whistle a bit, then you can move on to bigger and better objects. I suggest running through these just to get the hang of the work flow. It is not complicated but it is very specific which matters a great deal. If you have any questions Angjminer has been more than helpful in the development thread for CryBlend and I wager we will see more of the same in this one.

CryBlend intro and Basic Cube primitive export

Adding a Physics Proxy

Setting up a Pick-able Object

Now that we have the basics covered I want to talk a bit about one of the unique features that comes with CryBlend 3.1. Angjminer put in a tool that will find and highlight degenerated faces. Degenerated faces are only edges which are not part of a tri or quad. These can be a pain to track down and he has made a tool that will show you where they are and highlight them. The tool is careful not to take any action, rather it highlights them so you can decide what you want to do with them. A very cool bonus feature for sure.

Find Degenerated Faces Tool

Feature List
  • Model Export - Blender to CryENGINE 3
  • Material Physics Support
  • Degenerated Face Finder
  • Full Support for N-Gons (B-Mesh)
  • In Add-On rc.exe location

Angjminer has done a stellar job with this tool. With it you can build all your art assets in Blender and get them into the Sandbox editor following a few simple guidelines and a couple of menu selections. Angelo has quite a few more plans to leverage some of the new features in Blender 2.63. The next version of CryBlend looks to include skeletal animation export and deeper integration with the rc adding the capability of running the dds conversion from the uv/image editor. This will offer the ability to convert generated textures, normal, specular, and more directly from Blender. Angelo has put allot of time and effort into CryBlen 3.1 all in the spirit of the open source community development, so be sure to show him your thanks how ever you see fit. With this release of CryBlend Angjminer has significantly lowered the barrier of entry for game developers that want to tap into the raw AAA power off CryENGINE 3 and do not have a AAA budget to do it with. Until next time...

~ Have fun making games


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