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Posted May 31 2012  by Ruan

The latest version of CryMono, the CryENGINE extension bringing the power of C# to the CryDev community, is now available to download, featuring a host of new features, including support for CryENGINE 3.4, brand new scriptbinds, and code debugging in MonoDevelop. To see the full changelog, complete with categorised changes, please consult our release notes.

Release Features
  • MonoDevelop Debugging – Fed up printing state to the console? Set breakpoints and step through your code, like a real programmer.
  • 110% more fancy scriptbinds – Load and spawn particle effects, alter material properties, get terrain data... If CryENGINE supports it, we probably do.
  • Console Commands – Create custom console commands to be executed in-editor and in launcher testing sessions.
  • FlowNode Enums – Give your designers logical sets of values for flowgraph ports.
  • Compiler Plugins - Bored of just compiling C# scripts? You can now create your own script compiler plugins in .NET and have them automatically loaded.
  • Housekeeping – Subsystem and instance classes have been streamlined into cleaner and more easily usable single classes.
  • Performance++ – If clean code isn't enough for you, we've also improved the stability of realtime scripting along with a fair few performance upgrades!

You can download the source code for v0.5 right now using the 0.5 tag. Our sample game, Angry Boids, is also now using this code if you'd like to get up and running instantly. If you wish to integrate CryMono into your existing C++ game, please see this guide.

We've recently moved to a new server host so the documentation site,, should be far more stable now.

Some of the new scriptbinds have yet to be documented. Whilst we hope that they're fairly self-explanatory, we'll be adding extra docs over the next few days as time permits.

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