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Posted Jun 04 2012  by The Ebb

With the recent release of CryMono 0.5 it is a fantastic time to cast some light on another highly useful tool written by our very own CryRuan using C#. This was a big request on the forums and Ruan stepped up and made it happen.


Drehevel (meaning build)
A simple tool to help automate distribution of CryENGINE3 games.

What it does
  • Removes unnecessary files like backups and editor data
  • Packages the game into a convenient .zip archive
  • Saves build settings to .xml for reuse
  • Processes the stock free SDK build in two minutes at highest compression settings on an i7 2600k, or 12 seconds at no compression

DotNetZip for the archival library.
[279.86 KiB]
Downloaded 2873 times

Drehevel 1.0 has been out for a bit now, so the community has put it through its paces. If you have not yet visited the GIThub depot to grab the tool and have a look at how it was written, I highly recommend it. This is one you will want to have in your arsenal. Our own resident code jockey Ruan has put a ton of work in to his baby CryMono and Drehevel works just as smooth. Having migrated from the Unity 3D world to CryENGINE 3 I know, I cannot thank Ruan enough for bringing C# to the Sandbox so be sure to send him some kind words. Until next time...

~ Have fun making games


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