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Rayman: Revenge of the Dark is a CryEngine 3 based game currently in development by RayFan9876 a.k.a Cheryl Krawelitzki

The game is set after the events of the original Rayman but before the events of the original sequel. Following his defeat from the original game, Mr Dark succeeds in kidnapping Rayman's friends and creating an evil clone of Rayman in the hopes that an identical match for Rayman's skills, power and abilities would prevent the protagonist from prevailing.

All the old favourites are in the game such as Moskito and Moskette along with the Magician who only appears when required to narrate the game along with new enemies such as Graveslaves who were resurrected by Dark Rayman.

Spirits and souls exhumed from the burial lake "The Crying Moor" by Dark Rayman and stuffed into battle suits, in promise of new life and paradise. These are his soldiers, his henchmen, his guards, and are in complete submission to him as their master. They are the main enemies Rayman will fight, and are subdivided into different classes.

Rayman: Revenge of the Dark plans to have a diverse range of environments to explore from "The Dream Forest" where the sunlight and stars scatter through the foliage to create a misty kaleidoscope of colour to "The Land of Unimportant Proportion" where nothing is to scale and the indigenous elves have the power to resize themselves at will in order to make use of the environment.

The game has been in production since 2009 and aims to be complete within the next few years. The team are currently looking for a C++ coder (LUA Experience pref ) in order to speed up the development. Check out the video below to see a game-play teaser of Rayman: Revenge of the Dark.

Gameplay Teaser

You can download the stresstest right here on CryDev by clicking here

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