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Hello fellow CryDevs! Today we'd like to present to you a very special game currently in the works by a talented developer JasperHope. Aiming to create a sandbox, realistic zombie survival shooter, JasperHope will utilize CryEngine 3 for its suitability for large, open ended maps to realize this project. Here is a snippet of the Jaspers introduction to Solanum:

For years I have dreamed of a zombie survival game that takes survival seriously. I want to play a game where your actions have real consequences, not just fake scripted ones. I want it to be open world, full of zombies and most importantly realistic. You should make your own decisions from the start. You write your own story.

You're probably thinking minecraft survival with the realism? Well minecraft is a good source of inspiration. Mojang have thrown the player into a world with no story, no tools or weapons. Just you and your tree punching fists. This game should be like that but more. The world you are thrown into is a realistic hand crafted city with surrounding country side and towns. All the pre-built buildings should be explore-able, different and full of secrets. You also start empty handed. Your only option, like minecraft, is to go out and explore.


Here are a few good looking screenshots to satisfy your tastes. They showcase some nice, WIP level design with lots of custom house and street assets.


Currently, the team is composed of JasperHope (environmental art), dome113 (programming), Un_dead and MasterP (3d art), but Jasper is recruiting more 3d artists. If you're interested, you can PM him or drop a message in Solanum's official thread.

That's all for today - be sure to check out the official thread for more screenshots, updates and information, and don't forget to leave some feedback! If you'd like to join development, you can leave Jasper a message or post in the thread. Get ready for some zombie huntin'!

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