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Posted Jul 31 2012  by Cry-Kane

Project 'Crynosaurs' is the temporary amalgamation of 2 mod teams working together to speed up production and overcome obstacles. Crysis: Return to Jurassic Park has been bubbling away as an active mod since 2009 according to their blog on ModDB and it seems the new team are now ready to begin showcasing some of their work with the general public.

The teams ethos is quite a simple one:
Project Crynosaurs is a collaborative game design effort with a single goal. We want to put dinosaurs into CryENGINE 3.

Having recently moved to the CryEngine 3 SDK, great progress has been made and it seems the team are well on their way to achieving this goal with a slew of new updates demonstrating intelligent dinosaur NPC's that react, behave look and animate like you would expect.

Animation Graph Testing

We wish the two teams the very best of luck in collaborating on their mods for mutual benefit and can't wait for both Crynosaurs and Crysis: RTJP to become available to the users of CryDev.

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