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Posted Aug 03 2012  by Litos456

Hello fellow CryDevs! Today we'd like to take a break from big projects and artist profiles and go through a few recent simple asset projects that have been going underway. With CryEngine 3, any artist can take their creation and import it into the engine along with everything from material to physics data. Lots of artists have been working on creating interesting and original assets for the engine to use, so here are a few solid works that we've recently picked up on our community forums.

  • Renault FT Tank

The first model we'd like to show off is a very impressive looking tank model that CryDev user mystichobo has been rolling out over the past couple of weeks. The model is based on the french Renault FT-17 tank, famous for its revolutionary and influential design. Many call this the worlds "first modern tank", and it was the first tank to feature a fully rotating turret. Hobo does a wonderful job of recreating the tender details of the metal beast, as particularly noticeable on its tracks and wheels. The artist has also created a low poly model for importation into CryEngine, as well as a dark green camo texture to give it some color. Soon, mystichobo hopes to put it in a small village scene in CE3. Check out a few more images below:


We highly recommend you visit mystichobos forum thread for more images and updates, and the soon to come final scene within CryEngine. Don't forget to leave some feedback!


  • Compound Bow mod

Next up, a group of Russian modders by the names of Nevil112, Ksorks and CryDimon have decided to take Crysis 3 up for a challenge and recreate Prophet's much anticipated compound bow in Crysis 2. The folks have completed the high and low poly models of the bow and are currently working on texturing it for the game. Additionally, they are also working on an appropriate test map, trying to model a similar environment to Crysis 3s urban jungle. Take a look at a couple of renders of the bow and a screenshot of their map below. Be sure to check out the forum thread to give some feedback and watch out for updates! Hopefully the team will soon introduce the bow as a playable gameplay element, and we could get an early hands on with the awesome bow before Crysis 3 is even around the corner.


  • Invasion of the Daleks

And for those of you who just can't get enough of Doctor Who, 3d artist =SW=warlord has decided to give new life to the alien race of Daleks within CryEngine 3! The artist has in the past modded these into Crysis 1 and Halo: Combat Evolved, and now it's Crysis 2s turn. The pack comes with several different variants, which all do quite well at illuminating light from their light sources to give a shiny feeling to the alien cyborg. Check out a few showcase images in addition to a video of the models below, and be sure to visit warlods forum thread for many more images and updates.


That's all for today's post folks!
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