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Posted Aug 28 2012  by Cry-Adam

In the follow-up to the first part of our recent Inside Crytek Interview, HR Coordinator, Sabrina Hahn, answers your questions about her day-to-day work.

Do you handle a lot of the interviewing/hiring? If so, what do you look for in people besides their credentials?

We have a recruiting team and a travel manager that take care of interview scheduling, flight and hotel booking, contacting recruiting agencies and so much more. I am responsible for the candidates who need a visa to enter Germany for their onsite interviews. Our candidates should come to our office relaxed so providing this as our service is really important. If the candidates have questions about Germany in general, health insurance and other administrative requests I will always be there to help

When a team decides to hire a candidate, we organize travel and relocation, work and residence permits, health insurance, German and English classes and much more.

Beside credentials, experience (depending on the level of the position) and education are important. For sure we also have very talented people without any degree or finished apprenticeship, but this is quite rare and it doesn’t mean that people should immediately stop studying. In my opinion, a degree is the best foundation for any industry.

Team fit is also very important to us. Making great games is a team effort, and people work closely together not only within their discipline, but also across the entire project.

When you apply for a Junior/Regular artist position, like game design or level design, do you have to do a test and, if yes, how does this work?

That depends on the position and the requirements. There are some tests we send to the candidates via email with a time frame in which they have to solve them. An employee provides assistance if questions occur.

Does Crytek take on apprentices without any previous experience? How do you apply for an internship?

We do also accept apprentices without experience. It is just natural that an apprentice needs to learn and usually has no professional experience. It is positive if the candidate has at least a school leaving certificate. We appreciate digital applications. On our career page at applicants can find our present job posts. Unsolicited applications are also very welcome.

What does Crytek do to boost the morale of the staff?

Everything HR does is intended to make our staff happy. A smooth relocation, an open ear for every question and concern. In a nutshell: finding solutions for everyday problems. Our goal is to be there whenever our employees need us. Nothing is too unnecessary or unimportant. Making doctor appointments, contacting landlords and so much more.

Crytek itself boosts morale by offering a broad range of beverages (and of course coffee), fresh fruits, gym studio membership, free language courses (German and English), a pleasant and creative work atmosphere and other perks. And our company parties are epic.

How does Crytek support family members of employees?

Of course we also organize relocation and residence permits for the family, helping finding kindergartens, schools, language teachers, pediatricians and much more.

Our family events will go into the second round soon and I can’t wait to see the happy faces around.

Why did you go into HR? What makes it a fun job for you?

The idea of starting in HR came while I was studying. It fitted with my interests and the courses I took. After my degree I took an off-the-job course at the chamber of commerce to see if it was what I really wanted to do. It was clear quite fast that this is what I want to do the rest of my life. It is a fun job for me because of the people. My former teacher told me that the 4 M’s are the most important thing in HR. In German it means “Man muss Menschen mögen” which in English means “You have to like people”. The best education is useless if you are pretending to like your job. I am very service oriented and I am happy when our employees are happy.

Thanks for sending in your questions! We'll be back soon with a new interview :D

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