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Posted Aug 31 2012  by Cry-Kane

Originally posted in April of this year, hendrikp has since developed (and continues to improve) their WebM VideoPlayer plugin for CryEngine 3. For those unfamiliar with WebM, it is an open source video codec as described below.

The WebM project is dedicated to developing a high-quality, open video format for the web that is freely available to everyone. WebM is supported by Mozilla, Opera, Adobe, Google and more than seventy other publishers and software and hardware vendors

The recent technical demonstration shows the seamless integration of multiple videos running within the level editor (and game) simultaneously including synchronised sound which is not only impressive, but free to use!

Latest Tech Demonstration

  • Create Video Splashscreens / Menubackgrounds
  • Replace any ingame 3D Entity/Material/Texture with a video
  • Looping / Custom resolution / Seeking / Pause / Speed
  • Play multiple video streams and reuse them on multiple targets
  • 2D/Fullscreen video support
  • Synchronize to multiple time sources
  • Flowgraph nodes
  • C++ Interface
  • 2D Sound / 3D Sounds on Entity
  • Playlists

For more information, along with instructions on how to implement video into your game levels using this plugin head over to the original thread and show your appreciation.

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