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Posted Sep 17 2012  by Liam

Hello once again CryEngineers!

The amount of applications that came in so far is amazing. Therefore we decided to set a due-date for the application process for a position on the CryDev news team to two days from now.

That means you can still send your application until the:

19.09.2012 23:59 GMT +1 (Frankfurt time)

Every email that arrives later than the date and time specified above will not be considered.

Once the due-date is over, we will begin to review the applications more closely. If you are unsure if your email arrived, you can drop me a personal message on CryDev and I will confirm the arrival of your application.

After the review process is over and the lucky ones have been set up and made themselves comfortable on the team, we will inform you with another post on the new news staff members.

I wish the best of luck to all applicants! :)

All the best,

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