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Posted Sep 27 2012  by Litos456

Hey folks. Do you like cars? Of course you do, who doesn't! Well guess what, we have a game to show for you that has cars in it! It's being worked on by Crydev user tpotpro38, and promises to include multiplayer racing and single player free-roam mode, aiming for a Midnight Club and Need For Speed-esque feel. So far the game isn't very far along in development, but to your satisfaction the author is certainly in no shortage of cars. Having already made the starting garage and working on the first level, the cars already do their job as being the stars of the game.

You are just an average everyday citizen, until you look into racing and cars. You live with a friend as room mates and he tells you that its time for you to get a day job. So he shows you the world of life from where he lives. Cars, and Women. Get popular by challenging rivals and the nutroius underground women racers from the Kaido team. But you must first earn your ranks by defeating other opponents along the way.

Race online solo or with your friends, or find hidden treasures within the single player story mode, to unlock new cars or items.

Here are some of the prettiest screenshots that tpotpro38 has released so far. Mostly of cars, of course.


Mind you, there's quite a bit more in the official thread, so be sure to check them out. And that'll be all for this post. We hope to see more cars soon!

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