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Hello everyone! Today we've got a collection of new screenshots for you, from a very promising and developing game Dead Matter, created by Crydev user Johnny Guitar. A little background on the mod first:

  • It is a zombie survival mod, designed with an open world setting in mind
  • It will have a co-op mode
  • There will be detailed cities, small towns, and all kinds of environments to play in
  • It will be optimized to be able to run even on laptops
  • Some other features include managing and expanding towns, setting up your own base, etc.

Currently in the pre-alpha stage, the mod has been moving forward with certain pace as Johnny Guitar has been releasing new screenshots almost daily. The game has a grim, destructive feel, showing off a truly lonely, abandoned city. Some of the most recent screens have been collected into a couple of albums comfortable for viewing, so without any further delay, have a look!



These are only a fraction of the released shots. Check out the full albums here and here! And of course, do not forget to visit the official thread of the game and leave your feedback. Carry on, you marvelous chap you!

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