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As a Sci-Fi enthusiast I can relate to many out there, who are after some sort of better Sci-Fi based game. Especially after the disappointment of Namco cancelling their StarGate title. Bethesda with the short lived Star Trek Legacy, the infamous Star Wars MMO, and Cryptic's Star Trek Online with its player base fluctuating due to bugs and the infuriating lock box releases.

But fear not, Mick and Dark_Wolf have come to save the Sci-Fi gaming genre by developing, and releasing StarCry. A 4 year long development, Sci-Fi based mod, featuring the characters, weapons, and environments that we have come to know and love in our favourite shows and games.

StarCry Media :: Launch Trailer

P90's, Staff Weapons, Phasers and Plasma Rifles, What more could you want!


This Mod is in my view, a true representation of what a game, made by gamers, for gamers, should be about. No limits, no difficulty settings to make life easier for those not willing to go the hard way. As said in the summary, you will have to do things by yourself, the difficulty is hard, there is no auto reload, and when something runs out of energy, you have to pick up a new weapon. (Yes I do realize that makes the halo fans happy too).

For a full run down of the weapons, vehicles and environments, have a look at the thread, imagery and the trailer -or better yet- download the mod yourself and see how far much effort these two gentlemen have gone into!

If you don't care about spoilers, or have already seen the trailer, click below.
Yes Stargate fans, you did see a replicator at the end of the trailer!

6 hours of gameplay for a first playthrough



StarCry Media :: Environments

I will certainly test this figure out and will probably be there long after. Wanting to explore every facet of this Mod. Bringing in features from other games such as Battlefield 1943 we see a nice addition to the mod in-case you wonder too far away.

It's not an open world, you can't lose yourself. If you're going away from the action, you will be killed by snipers, eaten by crocodiles, frozen, dehydrated ...

Be prepared for post release bugs, and max out your system when running the mod, the higher the settings you can run, the better the mod will go for you.

But in short, StarCry is a must have for your mod collection, it continues to be developed and updated as well, I hope, and I thank the team for releasing it to us.

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