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Posted Oct 08 2012  by Graph

Ivan's Secrets is going to be released as a PC exclusive title by Cruxic Games that's going to feature a Singleplayer and Coop Campaign. In this hostile area, known as the “Horizon” you will find not only the elements and wildlife against you, but rival explorers and soldiers who fight constantly for control in the Aral Sea. The game is going to feature innovative gameplay with a heavy emphasis on realism, atmosphere, and horror.



As we are talking about a game with RPG influences here, there of course has to be an Inventory-system to see what you are carrying/looting

While looting is always fun you should definitely not forget the time in this game for at night Terrors emerge that'll make survival a real challenge

Should you then find yourself in a position of having to fight for your dear life you can do so using the free-aim system wich also introduces some more realistic recoil behavior displayed in this next video


Of course you need something to defend yourself with so here are some updated versions of the AK and SKS by jlea



Do you choose to explore at day and return during the night to your safe camp in an old factory? Or will you become a vagrant, constantly moving position and venturing out into the uncharted regions at night? The choice is yours.

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