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Posted Mar 21 2008  by SamBusters
Description Welcome to another model update from staff member Radcliff , who is continuing his long line of superb models with the now finished version of the US Spec Ops SCAR H rifle modelled in 3DS Max. The SCAR H is a the Mk 17 model of the FN SCAR, which was developed for the United States Special Operations Command and fires 7.62x51mm NATO rounds for use as heavy fire support....

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Posted Mar 20 2008  by Vehn
The Trigger Instinct mod has recently posted their first development update to the community. After much deliberation on the concepts they will use and the planning of the mod, the team has started their development, and now has many different assets to show off to the community. About the Mod For those of you not familiar with Trigger Instincts , it will be a mod that is set out...

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Small Update: Sandbox2 Editor Documentation Right before the easter weekend we wanted to upload a small update to the Official Sandbox2 Editor Documentation . One tutorial and a reference have been updated and we also added two new references for you to read through. As usual you can find the brand new documentation on . (Maybe hit F5 to refresh the content if you...

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Posted Mar 20 2008  by obiwahn
Description Forum member searinox is currently working on a Sturmgeschütz III Ausführung B , a German armoured fighting vehicle of World War II. The vehicle is still work in progress, but the renderings are giving already good impressions of the quality. Furthermore he is working on a MG34 , a German machine gun which is mounted onto the vehicle. Just keep on checking the ...

778 Views | 8 Replies Read more  See all news
Description A few days ago the team around the Force Powers mod for Crysis released another small update. This time their modelers posted the latest progress on some vehicles in the forums. Included are WIP screenshots of the well known AT-AT and AT-ST vehicles from the Imperial Troops. The AT-AT is still in an early construction phase whereas the AT-ST already has been export...

172 Views | 6 Replies Read more  See all news

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