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Posted Mar 19 2008  by Cry-Alex
Welcome to the “ Crysis Weekly Update #8 â€

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Description The role we want to fill with a creative member of the community is Junior Level Designer . This is an entry level position and training and direction will be provided on the job. This design position will require you to work closely with the cinematics team to create cutscenes for the Crysis franchise. Relocating to Crytek's office in Budapest, Hungary is required for...

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Welcome to our Better Know a Mod #31 . Today we feature Star Wars: A Day in a Life . About the Mod A Day in a Life is actually a planned series of mini-mods that are set to cover the adventures of specific characters in the Star Wars universe within a 24-hour period. The first installment is already underway, and will put you in the shoes of Imperial Stormtrooper TK-501 . Set...

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Posted Mar 18 2008  by Criminal
Welcome to the release of our brand new mod for Crysis, Team Action! Combining the existing Instant Action game mode in Crysis with the classic multiplayer game mode team deathmatch, this mod promises to be an enjoyable experience for anyone who has ever played Crysis multiplayer! Mod Overview: Team Action takes the fun from the much loved team deathmatch mode and applies it to the...

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Forum member FatalMuffin has posted news on a vehicle he is making, the MH-53 PaveLow Helicopter . Description The MH-53 PaveLow Helicopter is in development for a few days already. At the moment the creator has Pilot, Co-Pilot and passanger seats completely ready. Also the interior is fully modelled and detailed. Still the vehicle is WIP, but the screenshots and the video give...

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