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Thanks to the help from our committed community members Snackpack , NapkilleR and (-CAINE-) who have figured out a temporary fix for the looping sound bug you may already have encountered while playing Crysis multiplayer online. In general there are two ways to get rid of the annoying sound once it occurs ingame. The first solution is to manually type in cvars and the second...

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Posted Mar 13 2008  by Dark shadow
Today we will like to talk again about our moderator Dark shadow's asset, Squad Commander : three flowgraphed characters that can be easily used in every map to have a complete squad at your commands. The first release candidate version is out now, and the project is already fully functional. Thanks to feedbacks and suggestions all the known bugs have been fixed, the file has gone...

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Posted Mar 13 2008  by obiwahn
Forum member ClandestinePz is working on an underwater house to see if it's possible to create underwater environments by using Visareas. His small test house is mostly finished, but ClandestinePz plans to make a much larger and more spectacular one. Maybe he will create an underwater community for a single- or multiplayer map, so keep on checking the forum thread for new updates. ...

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Forum member Skyrux has put together a nifty asset, the Stargate Transportation Rings . Description There have been a lot of Stargate props around, but the simplicity of this animation is perfect to teleport players all across your map! Just walk onto the pad, press F, and the automated rings will come down to flash you into oblivion, or just another place on your map. The whole...

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Today we would like to give an update on the White House (The Last Stand) map by our forum member Duruk . This work in progress aims to create an accurate representation of the real United States white house in Crysis, including all the intricacies such as tables, chairs, toilets and more. This Singleplayer version of this map pits the player against a massive alien invasion; the player...

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