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Welcome to another Lara Croft: Lost Dimensions update! A few days ago, the mod team's co-leader and designer Marcocatena has provided the awaiting community with countless screenshots of Croft Manor, Lara Croft's very own mansion! Manor Screenshots: We've got screenshots of lots of areas inside the manor, all of which look extremely promising indeed! As well as all those featured...

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Posted Mar 18 2008  by Radcliff
The wait is finally over! XGj has released a new version 1.3 release fix for his new XConfig Utility . What Is XConfig? For those of you who have never heard of this utility, XConfig is a game optimization tool for Crysis containing custom settings that improve framerate while keeping the overall visual quality as high as possible. If you believe you're not getting the kind of...

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Posted Mar 18 2008  by SamBusters
Welcome to another update from Digital Armada Game Studios regarding their exciting work in progress mod, Eclipse! After their previous update, the modellers have been hard at work brushing up a new character design for the mod! Character Screenshots: Here are some of the recent models from the teams lead modeller Matteo , showing the modelled render next to its original concept...

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Welcome to an exciting new concept from our talented forum member dandi8 , who has decided to go against the grain and create an authentic looking viking village from custom models! He has been kind enough to provide us with lots of screenshots of his village, as well as a video showing off the gameplay we are likely to experience running round a medieval village! The Village: Shown...

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Updated Sandbox2 Editor Documentation Today we would like to introduce you to a new update of the present you a brand new update for the Official Sandbox2 Editor Documentation . This time we have prepared a new tutorial that is teaching how to set up custom objectives for your Singleplayer level. In addition we also added quite a few new references for you to read through. As usual you...

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