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Posted Mar 15 2008  by Radcliff
DrDean and Factorx have been working on their Bare Human hands model for use in Crysis. There are gloved hands, bare hands, and hands with wristbands around them. He has included a few screenshots. Keep in mind that these are works in progress, and are by no means what the final version will look like. WIP Screenshots In this first shot, we have the bare arms. ...

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5,56mm x 45 which will make you run 5,56mm x 45 wich scare the hell out of you 5,56mm x 45 wich that will curdle your blood Used by an untrained persons these numbers mean nothing, but in the hands of a specialist impossible tasks are made possible. The KSK must be mobile. On this account the G36c was created. With this rifle the KSK is able to flash into battle with maximum efficiency,...

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Posted Mar 14 2008  by boebi
Our forum member Solstyce has recently updated his thread with new WIP models from the Battlestar Galactica Universe . As you can see more and more models from the old and new series are making their way into the Sandbox2 Editor and even more will follow! This time the team not only presents new screenshots from their space ships but also show off the first picture of the Cylons, which...

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Thanks to the help from our committed community members Snackpack , NapkilleR and (-CAINE-) who have figured out a temporary fix for the looping sound bug you may already have encountered while playing Crysis multiplayer online. In general there are two ways to get rid of the annoying sound once it occurs ingame. The first solution is to manually type in cvars and the second...

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Posted Mar 13 2008  by Dark shadow
Today we will like to talk again about our moderator Dark shadow's asset, Squad Commander : three flowgraphed characters that can be easily used in every map to have a complete squad at your commands. The first release candidate version is out now, and the project is already fully functional. Thanks to feedbacks and suggestions all the known bugs have been fixed, the file has gone...

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