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Award for Best Technology One of the most anticipated events of the 2008 Game Developers Conference which was recently held in San Francisco was no doubt the Game Developers Choice Awards Ceremony , which presented awards for the results of the previous years efforts of their members. This year the Award for Best Technology , for which “ Halo 3 â€

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Posted Feb 28 2008  by NBtX
One year ago farmania started working on a model of a Subaru Impreza STI . He has now begun to update the model for use with CryEngine 2. The model currently has a poly count of around 55,000 with a full interior and engine block. As you can see farmania definitely has the talent for 3d modeling and we hope he continues his work with this car and getting it into Crysis. Keep an eye on...

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Posted Feb 28 2008  by Cry-Sam
Ever wanted to march into an NK camp in Crysis and flame the occupants out of their shacks rather than have to carefully pick and eliminate each enemy? Well soon you could well be able to, as Gweney is currently working on a new custom flamethower for use inside your level. He would also like to thank forum member Harg for his help with the scripting of the weapon. Planned...

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Posted Feb 28 2008  by jameszhao00
Today we would like to introduce the Multiplayer Graphics Config - BETA made by our forum member Shinanigans . This config aims to provide the best experience, balancing visuals and performance, for Multiplayer games. The immediate surrounding is of utmost importance in MP games, and this config strives to give you the greatest graphical fidelity for objects up close while maintaining an...

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Posted Feb 27 2008  by Radcliff
Welcome to our Better Know a Mod #28. This time we will introduce you to the Singleplayer Mod X32I . About the Mod X32I is a sci-fi shooter under the leadership of SirBaron , and centered around an alien device (called a Hadron Particle Collider.) The purpose of the mod is to deliver a sinematic feel similar to the original Crysis campaign, but different enough to create a...

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