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The BP Productions team is currently working on a mod that will change the way you play this beloved game. The mod is called the Custom Weapons Mod . About the Mod The Custom Weapon Mod will convert all of the current weapons into new ones, each with their special abilities, scripts, models and particles. So far, 25 percent of this mod is done, meaning most of the modeling is...

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Welcome to our Better know a Mod #30. Today, we're introducing Ride In Crysis . About the Mod Ride In Crysis is a winter sports mod that takes the player through a large, snow-filled mountain, where you can participate in various winter sports, such as snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, and much more. Winter sports have never looked so good! The mod is currently under...

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New Staff Members Today we would like to introduce you to our latest addtions in the Crymod Staff Team . Within the past weeks we have reviewed many applications and also contacted committed community members. After having some internal discussions we want to welcome boebi , Insanto and VengenceBot who are going to support our Database team. With their expertise in many...

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Posted Mar 11 2008  by obiwahn
The good known forum member Clivey has released the first version of CryTools that replaces the old Crysis Launcher. The tool was completely rewritten from zero to become a toolkit for the CryEngine 2. The core is at the moment just the launcher, which backup your files while you are working. Clivey will release more add-ons in the future to get more functions into the CryTools. ...

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Posted Mar 11 2008  by Cry-Sam
Zombie mods have been and gone, but Rad15's looks like it could be the final attempt. These zombies attack their closest target with aggressive close quaters combat until it is dead. Looking to combine with many current mods including Gweney's flamethrower and Insanto's baton , plus a definite collaboration with Nerveink's zombie models , this mod looks set to take the...

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