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We've received some new updates from the Lara Croft: Lost Dimensions mod team. Below are some pictures of Croft Mansion , brought to us by marcocatena. From left to right, we have the front garden area, two shots of the famous Croft Mansion indoor swimming pool (the statue is only a temporary asset, and will not be presented in the final version), and the main hall, as seen in the...

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With today the long awaited Multiplayer Map Submission kicks off! This means that everyone who is working on a PowerStruggle and/or InstantAction multiplayer map for the contest can submit the final version now. Be sure that you already did your Multiplayer Beta Screenshot Submission before uploading your level. Only if you accomplished this as well your uploaded map will be taken...

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Posted Mar 10 2008  by SirBaron
X32I is a sci-fi shooter under the leadership of SirBaron , and centered around a device (similar to the Hadron Particle Collider). The purpose of the mod is to deliver a cinematic feel similar to the original Crysis campaign, but different enough to create a whole new experience. The following update contains new additions to the team, a few very interesting ingame videos and of course...

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Description For those who are trying to learn how to mod Crysis, we have a new tutorial for you. The buyscript and key binding tutorial made by NapkilleR . The foundation for the tutorial was provided by randfee who was also a very big help in discovering the main functions. It will show you how to change different aspects of the buy system used in the multiplayer version,...

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Posted Mar 09 2008  by Vlok
The wait is finally over! Today, RenEvo Software & Designs is proud to present a project that had started out half a year ago as a simple question: could the Wii Remote be used by a PC modding community? We think Wiisis has answered that question. And now, we would like to offer you the opportunity to see for yourself. And for our modding friends, we have a special gift for you as well!...

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