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Posted Mar 15 2008  by Dark shadow
Welcome to the eleventh Tutorial of the week series. Is Saturday and it's time to introduce to you the latest, useful additions to our tutorial section. Today we will present to you three new tutorials: two video and one text guide , thanks to our members Neon67 , Mustang60348 and harg . Character animation toolkit TUTO (by Neon67 ) Content: html If you want to create...

194 Views | 3 Replies Read more  See all news
Description After a lot of work forum member boebi has finished the modeling on his Matrix APU . In the next steps he will try to rig it (put a skeleton for animation onto the model) and finally create some animations for it. Furthermore he will lowering the polycount to get it into Crysis with a good performance. Just keep on checking the forum thread for new updates. WIP...

313 Views | 16 Replies Read more  See all news
Welcome to the first official update from the Digital Armada Game Studios team, regarding their all new conversion mod for Crysis, Eclipse! Recently they very kindly presented us with a mod description plus concept renders of some of their planned assets! Mod Overview: Shown below is a description of their mod as quoted from their ModDB page . "Eclipse is a fast paced first...

157 Views | 8 Replies Read more  See all news
Posted Mar 15 2008  by Radcliff
DrDean and Factorx have been working on their Bare Human hands model for use in Crysis. There are gloved hands, bare hands, and hands with wristbands around them. He has included a few screenshots. Keep in mind that these are works in progress, and are by no means what the final version will look like. WIP Screenshots In this first shot, we have the bare arms. ...

210 Views | 15 Replies Read more  See all news
5,56mm x 45 which will make you run 5,56mm x 45 wich scare the hell out of you 5,56mm x 45 wich that will curdle your blood Used by an untrained persons these numbers mean nothing, but in the hands of a specialist impossible tasks are made possible. The KSK must be mobile. On this account the G36c was created. With this rifle the KSK is able to flash into battle with maximum efficiency,...

158 Views | 16 Replies Read more  See all news

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