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Posted Feb 26 2008  by Cry-Sam
Welcome to part 18 of our round up of the latest singleplayer maps currently featured on Crymod! This instalment of our weekly feature brings you 2 spooky looking WIP maps fresh from publication, and another 2 finished levels which are just begging to be downloaded and played! As well as this, once you have finished your map we encourage you to the map into our sticky thread that can be...

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As you might know we are continuously improving the workflow and the usability of the forums. Thus we would like to announce that the Crysis Modding Portal will be turned off today ( Tuesday, February 26th (CET) ) due to maintenance reason. Downtime The length of the downtime depends on how long it takes for us to implement new hardware to the server. Currently we have scheduled to...

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If you ever felt tired of the default trees in the game, you needed to create a map and always wanted to create your own vegetation, now you can. Thanks to the useful T-Gen Vegetation plugin for Softimage|XSI. Description Our member Kao has just created this free plugin fully integrated into XSI architecture. It includes over 80 appearance and distribution parameters, full...

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Posted Feb 25 2008  by Cry-Sam
We all love seeing medieval weaponry brought to life, and one of the more notable and interesting siege weapons devised was the trebuchet. Following his work on Water Physics and Zombies , ShortStuf7 has decided to bring us his version, created inside Sandbox 2 using purely weight as its power. Features Standing at 48.5 metres, the unique fact about the trebuchet is that its...

155 Views | 14 Replies Read more  See all news
With the release of the Crysis Mod SDK v1.0 and the official announcement about Softimage|XSI Support for Crysis end of last week many new questions regarding exporters, tools and more appeared. Thus we decided to provide you with a re-worked Crysis Modding - Helpdesk section. This section offers new forums and sub-forums and covers the most discussed topics regarding SDK and asset...

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