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The Semper Fortis: Sea Air Land mod team recently has posted two render images of their work in progress model of the MP5N , which has been designed for the US Naval forces. The MP5N is based on the famous MP5, manufactured by the german weapon manufacturer Heckler & Koch. This heavily modified version features a custom ambidextrous trigger group and a threaded barrel so US-made...

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Posted Mar 08 2008  by VertigoSFX
This is the first of our new bi-weekly updates we'll be doing to keep everyone as up to date as possible with the mod's progress! This update includes a variety of new renders trying to show off some pieces of work we haven't in the past such as architecture and vegetation. We've also tried to include some of the not so noticeable custom objects we'll have such as the brown eagle. ...

144 Views | 7 Replies Read more  See all news Mapping Contest In the past few weeks the Multiplayer Mapping-Contest #1 was afoot. On friday 21th of february the deadline for all participants was over. After a week of testing of the submitted maps, the winners have been anounced. The winner of the Crysis-HQ Multiplayer Mapping-Contest #1: NRW_Industrial from "psychotoxic3" with 205 Full Score...

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Posted Mar 07 2008  by Cry-Alex
With the Crysis Patch 1.2 release yesterday the world-wide gaming community received their long awaited update. Today we are happy to please the modding community with the release of the second Mod Software Development Kit for the award-winning FPS Crysis. Mod SDK - Description The first version of the SDK came with tools and assets the modders require to get their own creations...

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Hamburg University of Applied Science licenses CryENGINE® 2 Frankfurt, Germany/ Hamburg, Germany March 05, 2008 -- The GamecityLab of the Hamburg University of Applied Science and the Hamburg@work Initiative have recently acquired a CryEngine® 2 license from Crytek for both teaching and research purposes. This game engine technology, which was originally used to develop the...

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