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Shadow-Tech Shadow Tech is a new group which is dedicated to making people's needs happy such as by making Games which might inspire more people to becoming a Game Designer and such. We have over 40 loyal members and 20 freelancers ready to do anything in there power to insure everything we make is up to CryDev's standerd. All games we make will be published.Our method of advertising will be through the CryDev community and via Shadow-Tech's website and our YouTube account(In Progress). Our current project's are Experimental Conflict and IMPACT an affiliation between Nuclear Studios and Shadow-Tech. The current progress on Experimental Conflict is slow but we think that it'll be all worth it. Also Impact will be published as a Non-Profit game. Shadow-Tech will be making many games and mods with the help of all the members we can get and we will try to leave an everlasting mark in the world of entertainment. We have started to make a new series of Cartoons called Famous Fight's which will show famous people fighting each other and all of this is achievable using the Cry Engine 3. Damon has one/two videos showing the small potential of the Animations of Cry Engine 3 If you want to join have some sort of work done and also reasons why you want to join Shadow-Tech

Last Update: 29.04.2012

Experimental Conflict is an futuristic game set in the times of 2030-2045 and also set in the Second Dimension which is...

Last Update: 30.04.2012

Game Title:Earth Is Lost Release Date:May 2012 Age:Not Needed Storyline: This Crysis 2 modification will show what the...
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