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Team: Outcast Studios Last Update: 31.07.2014

STEALTH The Future isn’t what you think The Plot Stealth is a game based in the not so distant future on theBilamu Island, the island...

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Team: KaosKitsune Productions Last Update: 31.07.2014

A Shadow in Whitby is an entry into GameCity, The British Library and Crytek's Off the Map competition 2014.  It will be an exploration game where...

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Team: KXR Last Update: 31.07.2014

KXR Velocity DEMO 0.095 "3 laps of mayhem around a sci fi themed race track, Jump, Shoot, Rotate, Boost your way to victory in the extreme Nemixis...

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111 Members, Team Leader: Eat3D   Last Update: 29.11.2011

Feed Your Brain!

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102 Members, Team Leader: AEK   Last Update: 29.04.2013

Hello! We are grateful to you for interest to our project. If you want to be a part of our...

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66 Members, Team Leader: Radorify   Last Update: 18.12.2012

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