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Supernatural is a game based off but not limited to the Tv show Supernatural which is aired on the American Network CW. The Game has its own story line and Characters that permeate the Supernatural Universe. You will play as a hunter  who must investigate paranormal occurrences/deaths in an area, determine the type of threat and resolve it with the appropriate weapons. Enemy's will range from Spirits to demons and  monsters etc..


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Tech demo is back in development. Expect new media in the coming months.

Currently waiting for the next (hopefully more stable) release of the CRYENGINE Free SDK



Finally managed to put together a half decent website on Joomla.


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Posted Sep 14, 2013
Old Internal Progress ReportsSo i decided it was high time i released these in an attempt to grow some much needed attention in this game. These videos are more than a year old back when the CRYENGINE was at version 3.4.0. The videos arent really great in terms of quality or content but it...
Posted Aug 30, 2012
The Supernatural Website can be found hereOur Moddb page can be found here


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Created by: Shenanigames
Platform: CryENGINE 3
Type: Singleplayer   
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Last Update: Sep 14, 2013
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