Epsilon Pangaea



In the year 2550 humans colonize there first planet out side of the the milky way and they name it Pangaea due to it only having one large land mass, thought there is something different about this planet it is rich in resources but the dues quasi do not wish to have any thing to do with the planet and allow humans main control over the planet wish is the first in the history in the galaxy not even the fortis 2nd in command after the dues quasi have not had this privilege but all goes fine in the universal counsel and all is peaceful on Pangaea. But in the year 2674 the planet is cut off from the network which links them to the rest of the universe and PDF take militaristic control of the planet and the Pangaea nova government is formed (PNG) force all to work in the mines and farms underground those who oppose are shot on site, so rebel humans and aliens join sides to form a rebellion against PDF and PNG, thought out gunned and out matched they make a last ditch atmeped to take the planet back and link it back to the network but uncover a dark secret along the way


Tom Reeves  (Sniperhedgehog): Team Leader,  Head Level Design,writer, Creator

Luke Herbert: Lead Artist, Writer, Co-Creator

Craig Freeman: Lead 3D Modeler

Sean.J.Dooley: sound designer




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Created by: Delta Entertain
Platform: CryENGINE 3
Type: Shooters   
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Views: 1777
Version: 0.1   
Last Update: Jul 18, 2013
Languages English

Members working on this project

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Team Leader
User avatar ASCII-Dwarf
Co Leader
3D Artist
Sound Designer