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What is Infestation
        Infestation is a custom map for Crysis 1 that is currently completed by me. Possibly part of a trilogy. This takes place on a different island than the first, and doesn't have much to do with the original story. But it does contain an interesting plot.


       The plot doesn't have anything too fantastic, (I focused on game play more than background story) you go to an island for a secret mission (obviously,) and run into unexpected stuff. I will say that there is some betrayal and vengeance to be had, and aliens may play a role in it all as well.

Game Play
      There will be many similar aspects of game play from the original Crysis campaign. There are some linear areas but mostly you have large open areas of island that require you to use some strategy. I've added some new and interesting features via flow-graphs as well, in this level there is an award system according to the number of enemies that you've killed. Many different awards are given if you do good, and completing certain objectives will give you new options that will add to the game.

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