The Project :

   “Recon arcade” is an independent platforms game on PC, developed by Merhunes.

  A gameplay based on CryEngine 3's physics with a horizontal scrolling camera in beautiful 3D environments. Follow Recon through a multitude of universes and help him to reach each level's ends. Dynamic physical platforms , boxes, pipe,beams,ropes, . . . Use any kind of elements in the environment and the physics of powerful CryEngine 3 to reach your goals.

Features :

  • Ready to explore ? Beautiful environments opens up to you ! desert plains to snowy peaks across the empty space!
  •  Multiple game modes ! Time Trial, time attack, technical. . . and many more !!!
  •  Original gameplay : a unique reactivity due to physical CryEngine 3 .
  •  More than a drone ! teleportation, control of gravity jet pack ... many powers at your disposal !


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Posted Feb 27, 2014
Hello everyone, i'm pleased to present you the new version of the project which has undergone a complete overhaul.You can discover this project on Crydev : here and here    
Posted Nov 06, 2012
 Hello everyone,After a slight delay due to some problems encountered during the development of version 0.5 of my game, I have the pleasure to announce its release. Version 0.5 of Recon Arcade is here !In new version :New EnvironmentsLevels of iceSlippery SurfaceRecon more lighterImpulsion...

Created by: Merhunes and Ci
Platform: CryENGINE 3
Type: Other   
Downloads: 766
Views: 5870
Version: 0.5   
Last Update: Feb 27, 2014
Languages French

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