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Festung Europa is a realism-based, combined arms tactical shooter, currently under development by Jackboot Games for the PC: Take your place at the front lines as British and Canadian forces face the might of the German war machine during one of the most pivotal moments in World War II. From the bloody landing beaches at Gold, Sword, and Juno to the battered streets of Caen to the desperate, desolate fields outside of Falaise, you will fight side by side with your squad mates against the enemy as you participate in historical Operations such as Perch, Epsom, Charnwood, Goodwood and Totalise.

Features (subject to change):
•Supports up to 64 players in Multiplayer action
•Offline basic and advanced weapons, vehicle and leadership training
•Full body awareness
•Realistic player movement and behaviors
•Enhanced wound and shock effects
•Squad and platoon level play for infantry and armored combined arms action
•Integrated Teamspeak 3™, featuring 3D positional audio support, with separate squad channels
•Dynamic Battlefield Management System (DBMS) ™
•Projectile suppression effects
•Real world external and terminal ballistics models
•Component by component damage model for vehicles
•More than 20 infantry weapons, and 12 vehicles planned for release

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Posted Dec 19, 2013
This is is it everyone – the Final Push! Ready the grenades, fix bayonets and let ‘em have it!With all your help we have come this far – Festung Europa found a place in the Top 100 of IndieDBs Game of the Year Award! Which rank will be finally achieved is entirely up to you...
Posted Oct 28, 2013
Hello everyone, it’s time for a Dev Diary! This time we want to give you guys a look behind the scenes and kick off a new series of developer diaries with the story of one Jackboot dev, who accidently turned level designer! Here at Jackboot Games no talent goes wasted, most members of the...


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Created by: Jackboot Games
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