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 Post Topic: Nobody tells people who are beginners...
PostPosted 13.07.2014, 09:09 
I came across this video when reading an article about "Breaking into the industry" on I found it very inspiring. Enjoy!

It's a good read:

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 Post Topic: Re: Nobody tells people who are beginners...
PostPosted 13.07.2014, 12:08 
Nice video! :)
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 Post Topic: Re: Nobody tells people who are beginners...
PostPosted 15.07.2014, 19:25 
Wow; this is exactly what I experience with a lot of things!
Cryengine being the first example; I used to make ridiculous maps just to mess around... They were just like the maps everybody makes in their first months. After about two years I've become so much more knowledgeable of CE; I've learnt 3d modeling, texturing, leveldesign, etc. etc. It's crazy how much difference there is with my humble beginnings.

A second example would be making music; I still have tracks on my HDD from 3 years ago. Back then I was like: 'Yeaahhh, this is amazing!' Now I'm like: 'Damn; I can't believe I was this bad...'

I'm learning new things every day and I try to apply them as quick as possible. I love learning now stuff and increasing my knowledge! Seeing the progress over the course of a few years is just mind-boggling. (Not trying to sound arrogant or anything there)

It just gives me the drive, man. Knowing I'll be better at something after a while is just a nice thing to look forward to :easter:

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