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PostPosted 21.11.2007, 03:22 
MavZero for the tie breaker vote


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PostPosted 21.11.2007, 17:37 
hmmm, none of them are tha tfunny, but ill vote for cryengine2

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PostPosted 21.11.2007, 18:17 
Originally posted by TiTAN
hmmm, none of them are tha tfunny, but ill vote for cryengine2

Thanx! :)
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PostPosted 22.11.2007, 10:42 
ninja turtles rule!

in need of mappers and modelers :]
if you made AI working in mp in anyway then plz pm me
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PostPosted 22.11.2007, 21:26 
Aww i liked cryengine's one most :(.

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PostPosted 23.11.2007, 13:12 
I think 'funniest moment' wasn't the best idea for a competition - whats funny to someone is apparently too offensive to others and it seems all the 'funniest' images were not put through to voting. Shame really.