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 Post Topic: Crysis versus Reality Contest!
PostPosted 25.04.2008, 16:37 

Welcome everybody to a new contest. This contest is all around comparing Crysis and especially the potentials of the CryEngine2 to the reality. This means we would like to see a realtime rendered in-game screenshot compared to an existing reference picture.

Basic Rules:
  • It is not allowed to modify your screenshot with any third party program like Photoshop (.cry file and/or modified config files have to available if needed)
  • Only one screenshot per participant
  • All config tweaks are allowed
  • All custom objects/models are allowed
  • Both pictures, the in-game screenshot and the reference picture have to be posted inside the contest thread here on
  • All reference pictures are allowed, except single objects (it has to be a complete scene)
  • Judging the winners will be done by the CryMod Staff Team

And what will i get for my work? The following you will find a list of prices we offer for this contest:

  1. 1st Place:
    1x Limited Crysis T-Shirt (in white, black or blue)
    1x Limited Crysis cap
    1x Limited Crysis Lanyard
    1x Exclusive Crytek Notepad
  2. 2nd Place:
    1x Limited Crysis T-Shirt (in white, black or blue)
    1x Limited Crysis Lanyard
    1x Exclusive Crytek Notepad
  3. 3rd Place:
    1x Limited Crysis T-Shirt (in white, black or blue)
    1x Limited Crysis Lanyard

The deadline for the contest will be the 1st of June, 2008.

How To Participate:

In order to participate in this contest simply follow the rules mentioned above. If you have finished working on a comparison screenshot please make a post in the Crysis versus Reality Contest thread. Your post should include the original reference image and the CryENGINE2 image as attachments.


Below you can see some of the well known Crysis vs. Reality pictures, those are just for reference and we would like to see some pictures which can beat the ones below.





So Ladies and Gentlemen, start your Sandbox2 and show the world some kick ass CryEngine2 Reality !

Please use this thread only for your submissions. Comments will get deleted in order to keep the thread clean.

-Crymod Staff Team

Alexander Marschal
Crysis2 Project Manager

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 Post Topic:
PostPosted 25.04.2008, 22:38 
Sadly this is the best i could do for a submission....

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PostPosted 02.05.2008, 12:24 
Well I based my White House map on the real thing, so I just took a picture.
Sadly My White House is scaled for security reason so it doesnt fit the image 100%.

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 Post Topic: Singapore Victoria Theatre
PostPosted 05.05.2008, 08:02 
Hi I know one person allow for one submit, I deleted the old piece and replace a new one. :tongue:


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 Post Topic: Louvre Pyramid
PostPosted 08.05.2008, 21:49 
Reference image is poor, but it is hard to find an image without the Louvre...
Plus a daylight scene which does not match the original but shows more details.

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 Post Topic: RE: Louvre Pyramid
PostPosted 12.05.2008, 13:36 
For me I chose a part of the island of Madagascar.

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 Post Topic: contest
PostPosted 12.05.2008, 23:07 

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PostPosted 14.05.2008, 14:18 
It's hard to create off of a screenshot. ><

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PostPosted 14.05.2008, 22:38 
here is mine..
but i think ( cause of the new deadline ) i will make a new version, where i will make the sky more dark and clouds^^
i will delete this post then^^

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PostPosted 15.05.2008, 00:28 
Well... =/

Image Image

==greetings to all my fans :D==
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PostPosted 15.05.2008, 20:16 
A wine cellar near my house.


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 Post Topic: That Villa Ive Always Wanted!!
PostPosted 17.05.2008, 05:46 
That Villa Ive Always Wanted!!


made a few lighting and texturing adjustments and rendered out with Hi def screen shot!

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 Post Topic:
PostPosted 21.05.2008, 01:04 
here it is: just the sandbox version will post a game version too


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PostPosted 26.05.2008, 01:41 
Image Reference

Image Real-time

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 Post Topic:
PostPosted 01.06.2008, 12:39 

The winners will be published in the next days.