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PostPosted 15.12.2009, 09:33 
Hey just a quick question; I installed this and the rear tires on the Korean trucks disappeared, as well as some random objects like boxes and what not. The trucks are basically driving around on ghost tires in the back.
Have you had any other issues like this? If so, how can I solve this or is there a work around?

I'm running windows 7 64 bit version
Laptop pertinent info:
Asus G72gx
Intel Core quad @ 2.00
GTX 260m 1gb memory
6 GB of DDR2 Ram

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 Post Topic: Assest Problems
PostPosted 15.12.2009, 09:34 
sorry double post

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 Post Topic: RE: Assest Problems
PostPosted 19.12.2009, 06:20 
Can Pydon please update the installer to work with the Steam location of the game.
When I install the setup it detects my steam crysis folder perfectly
(C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\crysis) but after installation completes it isnt in the crysis/Mods folder at all but rather in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\crysisMods\

This is nodoubt a bug with the installer. Please help.

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PostPosted 23.12.2009, 11:22 
So any chance we will see a Crysis Warhead version ?

~AMD Phenom II 965
~MSI GD70 (FX790) MoBo
~4GB DDR3 OCZ Reaper 1600Mhz
~HD5870 Vapor-X 2GB
-modular system enhancement
-non static interactivity
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PostPosted 17.02.2010, 21:18 
hope someone here can help me:

ABIT IP35 Pro v1.1 BIOS v.16beta09/ Intel C2D E8400 Batch Q748A223 /Xigmatek HDT-RS1283/ 4GB Corsair CM2X2048-6400C5DHX 5-5-5-18 1.80V ver4.1/ Creative Labs Fatal1ty ProGamer/ Dell UltraSharp 2407FPW-HC/
eVGA 8800 768 GTX :

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz (3061 MHz)
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional, 32-bit
DirectX version: 11.0
GPU processor: GeForce 8800 GTX
Driver version: 196.21
CUDA Cores: 128
Memory interface: 384-bit
Total available graphics memory: 2047 MB
Dedicated video memory: 768 MB
System video memory: 0 MB
Shared system memory: 1279 MB
Video BIOS version:
IRQ: 16
Bus: PCI Express x16


nvCplUI.exe NVIDIA Control Panel
nvWSS.dll NVIDIA Workstation Server
nvViTvS.dll NVIDIA Video Server
nvMoblS.dll NVIDIA Mobile Server
NVMCTRAY.DLL NVIDIA Media Center Library
nvDispS.dll NVIDIA Display Server
NVCPL.DLL NVIDIA Compatible Windows7 Display driver, Version 196.21
nvGameS.dll NVIDIA 3D Settings Server

I installed Win7PRO 32-bit out of frustration with my dirty disc of WinXPPro.

it says I'm running on DX10, then everytime I change the graphics resolution or do anything graphics related I get a crash:

then if you look at top left corner, it tells you I'm running on DX10, which it feels playing in a window, unlike full frame of window.

I didn't have this window/ non-full screen problem when I was using WinXPPRO and DX9c

am I missing something here?

advance thanks

BTW: If I use Natural Mod, for some reason I get this emulation software warning and Crysis closes down. I don't own any emulation software....wouldn't know what to do it anyways since I got the retail game/DVD-rom.
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PostPosted 21.02.2010, 18:37 
this mod is cool and all but the sky looks like a skybox, the cloads aren't 3d anymore. the draw distance has decreased to where things appear when you walk 20 ft of it. but the bright side is that those major flaws made my pc capable for playing all settings Very high with no hic-ups rather then medium :)
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PostPosted 04.06.2010, 10:50 
no screenshots, is it compatible with crysis 1.2.1?
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 Post Topic: can't instal the core file, or something like that
PostPosted 06.08.2010, 14:35 
can anyone help me, cause this is the first mod I try to isntal, and maybe is it, because I changed the instal apth op crysis, and that's why the installer doesn't work, but he can't overwrite any core files, and I get an error with abort, retry adn ignore, anyone wit a helping hand.??
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PostPosted 18.12.2010, 22:58 
thx for the mod

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 Post Topic: New MIssions or campaing
PostPosted 26.01.2011, 20:41 
Sorry, but i cant find new missions to download !!!! i saw some one but i guess is for CONSOLE not for PC, some one can helpe me to find this missions to Crysis or Crysis Warhead , single player... please .!!!! tanks...
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PostPosted 27.01.2011, 05:46 
Well first of all, this is in the wrong place
Sorry, but i cant find new missions to download !!!! i saw some one but i guess is for CONSOLE not for PC, some one can helpe me to find this missions to Crysis or Crysis Warhead , single player... please .!!!! tanks...

But I'm nice so I'll answer it anyway. Everything on this forum is for the pc version. when it mentions the console it means the ~ button, so when you download a level put it in the C:/Program files (x86)/Crytek/Crysis/Game/Levels folder, then make a shortcut of the game or use the one on the desktop and right click it and press properties, in the second tab there is info on where the file is, under the target field add a space then "-devmode" without the quotes
run that shortcut when the main menu loads open the console (~) and type "map mapneme" without the quotes and instead of mapname put the name of the folder you put in the levels folder which is the name of the level then press enter it should load the level
for example: "map island" would load the first campaign level

BEWARE: Flaming aliens are generally more grumpy than normal ones.

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PostPosted 05.04.2011, 09:40 
Both the FF and RS links to be down for the TOD files :(

Could you please re-upload them ?

Thanks in advance snf great work on the mod!!

AMD Phenom X4 9950 @ 2.7 GHz, 4 GB DDR2, Geforce 450 GT
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PostPosted 05.04.2011, 20:32 
+1 for the TOD upload :)
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 Post Topic: Re: Natural Mod for Crysis
PostPosted 10.05.2011, 13:53 
This mod is compatible with Extreme Immersive Mod v3.0.71 ?
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 Post Topic: Re: Natural Mod for Crysis
PostPosted 11.12.2013, 20:22 
Did anyone ever find a solution to getting "error opening file for writing" for several files when trying to install this mod? I tried hitting ignore when it came up, but the mod clearly didn't install correctly, I've got no system.cfg in my crysis directory or anything. When I ran the installer I pointed it to my crysis game's path (G:\Origin Games\Crysis).

There was a post about this same issue earlier in this thread, but I never saw any fixes posted. I tried downloading the version that runs as a mod, but both links are broken to that one (filefront says file not found, crymod website is still down).

I have crysis installed via origin and its installed to a separate hard drive.