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 Post Topic: Crysis Advanced AI Released, Crysis Warhead Version Announce
PostPosted 15.04.2008, 01:52 
It basically makes the AI more Aggresive and Smart. They regular AI werent just cutting it for me and i believe for some.

Basically the AI will supress and do other things people might do in real life or in online shooter games like Project Reality for BF2. SPECIAL NOTE: Do not use in any mods, you have to contact me, but you must not. In maps you may, just give proper credit to me :)

NOTE: This is LUA, it edits the AI scripts and some functions, so no FG or anything needs to be applied to a level, just install mod properly, and have fun :) It works almost fully with the Crysis SP, just some small bugs and other stuff that may stop you from continuing the game.

Also news to all people who are still fans of this mod, even though i got like almost 2000 downloads...

I will be doing a Warhead version, now you may ask why, what would be the difference from the Crysis Advanced AI version. Well, the new Warhead Core AI code has been remarkably improved, fixing many bugs known with the advanced ai that i could not fix, like the AI shooting at the ground or nothing at all. It also makes the scripts and commands given to the AI much better, so its an AI overhaul. Warheads scripts were basically the same as the Crysis ones. but the AI were definetly much smarter than the crysis ones, thanks to the new code for them. So i plugged in my AI, and it works great for me.

I will be making a Warhead version to sum it all up, the new code also helps with AI group support abit. The new behaviors i posted in first page like Rangers and SAS will also make it to the Warhead version.

PS: If anyone can confirm that im not losing it and that the AI has been improved code wise, that would help me not look like a fool :P I just took a quick look at the AI lua scripts and they appear to be the same as the Crysis ones, though i may be wrong.

I also Thank Crytek for this awsome game and the ability for improvement.

Also i will probably stop working on this project by christmas. I might go back to it with Warhead out and all and work on Crysis to, but i probably wont be releasing any of it, maybe just videos for fun. You will see my work on Cryrecon and Death By Design (28ml) though

Version 1.1
Added the Speed and Ammo boost as an option now.
Added the FollowerNPC as an option. (Not causes some issues with the SP for Crysis) Though this addon can help with maps, there is no need draw paths for the AI to follow you, they just will now.

Fixed grenade issue with AI running into them, and added some overall small fixes to the scripts.

To work with Dark Shadows Squad Commander or any type of squad Fg, delete the following:

Its Released 8-30-08
Advanced AI Full Release
Download and Enjoy. Give feedback and stuff. Note that to me this is still WIP, so there is some bugs, do not complain about them, just simply state them in this thread, and i will see what i can do about it.

Well enjoy, hopefully you all like this and think that it enhances the crysis AI to be better and hopefully a new level.

On a scale of 1-10, what would you give this mod? Give reasons if possible, and if you think its atleast abit more better/challenging than regular AI.

NOTE: I will say this again, contact me if your going to use it for a map or a mod. Expecially for a mod, sometimes i say no, sometimes i say yes, depends on the circumstances and what i think.

Reviews From Testers
Mango's Review on Page 23 Crysis Advanced AI New Update First Page 8-21-08
Ben and Sirbarons review, also on page 23.
Crysis Advanced AI Release Date Confirmed(8-31-08)

8-21-08 New Info On Content Update After Release
The release of my AI is getting closer. Now i mentioned after the release, a few weeks later, i will be releasing a content update patch. This will include 2 maps, jlim city assault, and DICY special map i requested, wonderful world. The name sounds nice, but believe me, the battle is going to be like hell. Also included will be fixes to some things i can fix, and maybe some weapon updates.

Now for the interesting part, with the content update, i may include new behaviors and new entity classes (the ones in crysis are called grunt, civilian, alien, etc.) I will be creating new ones to extend your region on mapping.

Friendly Behaviors/Entites/ Entity Archetypes
Rangers: RANGERS LEAD THE WAY. Way more aggressive, and upped sight range, at the cost of accuracy though. They will have upped health though.

Delta Force: Use group work(like i mentioned in the other updates) They are tactically aggressive but perfer to stay in sync with their group (go to same target and stay close together if near each other) They also have upped sight range

Special Forces: Same thing as delta.

SAS: More tactical groupwork and will use anything they have to their exposal (flash nades) They will have lower sight range, but higher accuracy.

Marksman: These guys will vary, there could be marksman SAS, marksman Delta/specops, or marksman rangers. They will be in sync depending on which kind they are, (if SAS marksman, will be in sync with SAS class of same group) They will have upped sightrange and accuracy. They stay behind the group moving slower and in a stealthy or crouched position.

I may add more later, but this is all i can do probably for content update (no promises)
Some of the stuff like accuracy, range, and health will be defined in the entity archetype probably.

Info On the Advanced AI
Each character plays their own role on the battlfield, they can add more variety on your level and help you choose how you want the player to feel in your level during fights.

Leader: These guys work well in groups, they keep their groups abit more organized and can change one characters attack pattern to another (like a camper to attack like a sneaker) He can mix up the battle for you, he also orders them around abit, telling them when to give suppressive fire or what kind of way to attack. He will either stay behind, or be up front when figthing against you.

Sneaker: Other none as flankers, they are agressive and will flank/sneak around you. They will either break off from the group and go completly around you, take cover if possible, and then fire from behind or on your sides. Or they will take the more direct route and fire some rounds at you, possibly taking cover while advancing, sometimes not. They will then do a close flank if possible. Sneakers also throw smoke grenades, to cover their small retreat, or to rush attack you. They may even use it to distract you.

Cover2: Basically a mixture of the camper and sneaker. Will stick to cover abit more, but also flank ,and give some suppressing fire, will be abit more upfront sometimes.

Camper: Stick to cover more, and give lots of covering fire. Will move sometimes to different cover positions, they will also advance to their target and catch them by suprise at times. They work well in groups with leaders.

FollowerNPC: Will follow you during combat and whenever. Sometimes will break away from you during combat, but will come right back.

Most of the Human Scripts have been edited or completly renewed.

Group Stuff
The groupid plays abit more of an important role now. If a leader has a group id of 5 and some other AI have a groupid of 5, the leader can sorta control them. The leader can tell them when to attack, alert them, or change their attack behavior. He keeps them abit more organized. Its always good to have atleast one leader in a group.

The players groupid is 0. So any AI (friendly) will have a groupid of 0, you can tell them to follow you. No matter what character they are (leader,cover2,sneaker, and camper) They will follow you when there is no combat. When combat starts, they will continue their normal attack stuff. When combat is over, just switch your suit mode to whatever, and they should follow you again.

BUGS: There is bound to be bugs, as to me this is still WIP. Do not complain about the bugs, just simply state them in thread and i will see what i can do about it.

I hope you enjoy this mod and think it makes crysis better.

Now extra features you can addon after installation process
Extreme Gore: The name says it all, it uses havoksages gore particles for when the AI gets hit or dies.

Higher Quality Particle Effects: THese are made by solecist and havoksage to put a more atmospheric and explosive environment :)

Hud and Suit Changes: These are changes that my good friend madscientist made that edits the hud so that only the health, ammo, and energy bar are their. Also makes some various changes to the suit functions. (the hud may cause some issues in the Singleplayer issue that i found)

Realism version: This is using a tweaked version of solecists reality mod with my AI and other things i put in.

Changes to the AI equipment packs for singleplayer: This changes what the AI carry in the singplayer and in SB2, like adding the grenade launch to the Grenadier and such.

Crazy Ragdoll on Death: This was made with the help of dark shadow, A single bullet depending on what gun can make a guy fly backwards 5 feet and kill any guy behind him.

Walking Around While Idle: This just makes the AI walk around randomly when idle, its a nifty feature but has its small bugs. (This may cause problems with flowgraphs and the Crysis SP)

Sound Pack: New sound pack made by pepper to replace some crysis effects and all weapon sounds.

Radcliff for awsome gun models and support.
Sideshowbob for building models
Bgavran for his undying support :)
Ornagy and Jlim for their support and awsome Grenadelauncher
Madscientist: For his support and c++ and helping me
Death By Design Team: Thank you guys so much for you support, you guys made me go a long way
Mcginge: for his support, help, and many suggestions and super testing :)
Fortran: for his help and support and models
VAGB: For his community models
Pepper: Thank you for some awsome new sound effects which add more deph in my opinion.
Dark Shadow: For his help and many many suggestions :)
Cargo: Thank you for your awsome models and support.
Wolfi For your help and models
zygurt: for his sounds editing
ror-shak: weapon model and support
DICY: support and suggestions that worked out and map
ben72227: For your extreme testing, and unimaginable feedback towards my AI which drove it to be so much better.

If i missed anyone just pm me or tell me.

They took their time to help me with this project, mapping wise and model wise. They are a great community team. Jlim and his team have made a good effort to help out, and doing so, they learned lots of stuff and so have I.

Special Note: There is bound to be some bugs or flaws in this version (like AI shooting at ground sometimes) I wont be able to fix them all or not be able to fix them at all. Some other flaws would be AI teamkilling their teammates with the new grenade launcher or kill themselves, rocketspamming when they have the LAW, and some other stuff i forgot or do not know about, do not complain about this, just state it if you like, and be done with it. The release date is coming close, if you would like to donate some models to better the experience, then that is also welcome. Some extra features as stated above might cause problems in the crysis SP campaign such as the next obective or sequence not playing for some reason.

7-28-08 Small Update and Some Release Info
Also i am pushing closer to release, i am just fixing up the different versions and awaiting some things like effects, models, and also working on a map with jlim and probably wolfies map with models. Then gotta give it to my private testers so they can play with it, give bugs and flaws and suggestions.

Early August Is my Estimate.

Also, i made the AI's sightrange 100, because thats also the distance at which you can see them.

Mods the AI will be in:
Paradise Mod:
The Creation:[WIP] The Creation
Reality Mod (Maybe): Reality Enhancement Beta (CLEAN VERSION)

just copy the Advanced_AI and put it in the Crysis/Mods folder. Then to launch in regular Crysis 1.2 and up, just go in the mods menu tab on the main screen and its there. For SB2, in the start properties of th shortcut, in the target or destination area after the other lines, put in:
-mod Advanced_AI
NOTE THIS IS LUA, NOT FG, so its already implemented ingame when you launch the mod, Madscientist will make an installer for next version ;)

Download: Advanced AI Full Release

Incrysis Thread:


N4G News 9/16/08

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 Post Topic: RE: Crysis Advanced AI
PostPosted 15.04.2008, 02:03 
That is soo fricken cool i love it! can't wait to see later versions of it!
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 Post Topic: RE: Crysis Advanced AI
PostPosted 15.04.2008, 02:13 
Very nice, youre talented.
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 Post Topic: RE: Crysis Advanced AI
PostPosted 15.04.2008, 02:15 
thanks dude :) thats why i want some new guns to make more specific roles, in cryrecon i am doing that but i cant give to much info away :) I need an lmg to make the Camper (support) class perfect. This is for the community like i said so it would be nice to get some other community things in here :) I am very busy on the account i am in three mods teams but i will make maybe two maps :) More info on this later.

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 Post Topic: RE: Crysis Advanced AI
PostPosted 15.04.2008, 02:19 
Really great work Rad :) You definatly got a talent for AI lua mate. Glad to have your assistance with the mod, will look forward to seeing more fantastic stuff in the very near future ;)

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 Post Topic: RE: Crysis Advanced AI
PostPosted 15.04.2008, 03:06 
Awesome work! But do hurry up with this, kind sir! :)

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 Post Topic: RE: Crysis Advanced AI
PostPosted 15.04.2008, 03:18 
lol you cant rush perfection :) and i still need an answer from Bgraven, i sent him a pm some hopefully he answers :)

And i am quite bust with real life stuff :( Lets just say i am the youngest teammeber on Cryrecon and Death By Design :)

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 Post Topic:
PostPosted 15.04.2008, 07:37 
that is really awesome! can't wait for the release....

makes crysis a whole lot more epic; to a grand scale...
CryRecon is very fortunate to have you!
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 Post Topic:
PostPosted 15.04.2008, 11:56 
thanks mate :) I als forgot to mention i am testing this in the singleplayer campaign and it is a heck of a lot funner but harder :) It adds to the feeling that you are wanted and actually behind enemy lines. Thanks all and i will post vid updates with some exciting new maps :)

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 Post Topic:
PostPosted 15.04.2008, 12:04 
That make's crysis 100000 times more realistic then it already is!

We will all miss one of the greatest members of crymod, intrepidbiped.
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 Post Topic:
PostPosted 15.04.2008, 12:38 
Excelent i was hoping someone would take this on on. Cant wait to try it out. Geess id better get my level going then :)) :]
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 Post Topic:
PostPosted 15.04.2008, 14:49 
ok good and bad news, bad news i cant release the AI LUA because of the good news for me :) Bgraven just confirmed he will be using this for his mod, so you will have to wait till June :) But i have till June to fine tune it so it will be better, and hopefully i will have my lmg :) So i will still discuss here about it and so on and so forth :) If you wanna test you gotta take it up with bgraves, he wants testers for his mod, but skilled people to test cuz of bugs :)

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PostPosted 15.04.2008, 14:58 
w00t Rad, I was half asleap when you showed me this last night. Just watched it again damn makes me wanna replay crysis with your AI. Nice one bro.

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PostPosted 15.04.2008, 16:20 
Youtubes been gay at the moment but when it works ill check the video, from your description tho it sounds excellent, and ill be using it as soon as its out.

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PostPosted 15.04.2008, 16:27 
this is why I wake up everyday, for s**t like this... glad to see someone out there cares enough for AI to teach them how to protect themselves... can't wait for this release!!!
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