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 Post Topic: DarkWater by ZapWizard
PostPosted 30.12.2008, 05:53 




DarkWater summary
This project is a mod set across three maps:
-Seoul Airbase in South Korea.
-Open ocean across multiple ships
-A missile launch facility in North Korea.

Both land based maps are based on real-world locations.
The mod is set in the now/near-future. As with Castaway there will be no aliens.

Story Premise
North Korea has developed a new powerful weapon. They are using this weapon to initiate their plans to invade South Korea.

Map features already completed
1. Boat docking system on all ships. This allows a boat to be taken from ship to ship and docked appropriately
2. Usable parascope
3. All elevators on Carrier in working order

Mod goals
1. Compelling story inspired by real-world events
2. Set in present-day or near-future
3. Story twists that keep the story moving
4. Wide variety of mission types and scenery
5. Multi-path missions with more then 1 way to complete the mission
6. Consequences for player carelessness, such as being seen means a longer/harder path must be taken.
7. Dynamic light system where many lights can be shot out
8. Battles take place on the ocean, in the air, and on the land.
9. Lots of voice work and background action.

Location details
The listed rooms are already complete, more will follow.

Aircraft Carrier:
* Flight deck
* Bridge
* Mess hall
* Armory
* Hanger 1
* Hanger 2
* Hanger 3
* Hanger 4
* Rear hanger
* Storage room 1
* Storage room 2
* Captain's office
* Turbine room
* Reactor room
* Pump room
* Boat dock 1
* Boat dock 2
* Many hallways linking all rooms
* Training room
* Workshop
* Medical room
* Captain's quarters

* Helipad
* Hallway
* Office
* Deck
* Bridge
* Training area
* Mess hall
* Briefing room

US Submarine
* Deck
* Bridge
* Missile room
* Airlock
* Cargo hold
* Turbine room
* Reactor room
* Lower reactor
* Pump room
* Mess hall
* Quarters
* Missile room
* Storage room
* Officers quarters
* Wet-bay


North Korean submarine

Cargo ship


Image Image


Image Image

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 Post Topic: RE: DarkWater by ZapWizard
PostPosted 30.12.2008, 05:56 
Looking great Zap, know this will be yet another top quality production from yourself. Great stuff, will look forward to seeing more.

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PostPosted 30.12.2008, 06:00 
sounds really cool - and nice that you don't use aliens.
Knowing your skills I can not other than await this mod with great anticipation.

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PostPosted 30.12.2008, 06:01 
I'm intrigued, can't wait to see more mate, gonna keep my eye on this one :).

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PostPosted 30.12.2008, 13:08 
I want your next map! Castaway is one of the best custom map. :p

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PostPosted 30.12.2008, 13:11 
Sounds interesting, I'll be watching this :)

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PostPosted 30.12.2008, 13:40 
Originally posted by callofduty511
Sounds interesting, I'll be watching this :)


Looks interessting and innovative - thumbs up! :D
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PostPosted 30.12.2008, 13:55 
8o The master at 1:1 scale maps is back....This sounds wonderfull very new and diferant

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PostPosted 30.12.2008, 15:24 
awesome, this is a really cool idee, i'll be following it's progress

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PostPosted 30.12.2008, 16:14 
actually no need to say anything, since it have all been said before, hehe

good job, looking forward to see more from it!


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PostPosted 30.12.2008, 16:20 
I have no doubt that this mod will kick ass. Good luck and please don't spoil much away. :))

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PostPosted 02.01.2009, 07:58 
Text update...(Screenshots would only be spoilers at this point)

I had some great story help after sharing this project with my Dad after new years dinner.
I now have what I feel is a rock solid story that will be great for anyone to play. Of course I don't want to give too much away.

The story line involves Pirates, Mercenaries, the Navy, and of course the KPA.
Currently the story will cover two maps, one all on the water, the second will happen mostly on a island with a harbor, subpen and underground facility.
The second may may actually re-use the Castaway island (Re-worked) This would both to save some time and allow me to re-use much of the facility. However the route the player takes will be far different this time.

I am hoping to ditch the nanosuit until the second map, providing I can find a suitable working replacement, however that idea may be cut depending on time.

/Edit: Updated Title based on some new story elements.

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PostPosted 02.01.2009, 17:48 
I really like this idea, though I no longer play Crysis, or Warhead, it'd be really nice to see a map like this in which creators could focus on effects and performance, instead of landscape and landscape XD Hate to say it but I find a lot of good stuff seems to be left out of most maps for sake of performance, or thrown in with no regard to performance at all. So you get a pretty map that's choppy, or a smooth map that's not as special XD

Looking forward to it though Zappy. Still wish you were working on your previous map, I kind of wanted to see more of that little UAV :P
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PostPosted 02.01.2009, 17:54 
Arr.. pirates me matey

lookin forward to this :)
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PostPosted 02.01.2009, 17:57 
:D really looking forward to this :]
also for the next update :D