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 Post Topic: HEAT Mod (Warhead only)
PostPosted 20.07.2010, 12:21 
It's been a while since I've done a mod release, so over the past month and a half or so I've been working on one for Warhead. It's based on my SCAR Incendiary Ammo mod for the original Crysis, and expands on it.

A lot of the changes in the HEAT mod are from another Crysis mod I'm working on that's currently on hiatus. Some of the changes in this mod are only an issue if you try to play a custom map in Warhead, as they concern things like tanks. I included them anyway since I already had the files modified.

3-7-2011 Note: The above mentioned mod is no longer on hiatus.

Now on to the actual mod. This mod is a combination of new blood effects, and some weapon\vehicle\gameplay changes. There are a lot of changes that would take me a couple hours to type, so the following is more or less copied from my readme file with lots of formating to make it less of a wall of text.

Changes and features in a nutshell:
Added SCAR Incendiary Ammo, changed starting equipment, made mounted weapons more deadly, new blood effects, gauss rifle can destroy all vehicles, FGL-40 in explosives slot with realistic rate of fire and optional laser sights, Hurricane minigun much more effective, some other weapons more effective, greatly reduced damage loss when using silencer, and much more.

Changes and features (Full List):
->Blood effects:
This took a while to do, since I had to make the effects in vanilla Crysis first and then port them over to Warhead. New blood effects have been added to nearly all of the weapons.It hangs in the air briefly and is more red. Headshots have seperate effects with "pink mist" and ejecta. (Credit goes to Solecist and his Reality Enhancement Beta mod, which showed me how to do seperate headshot effects. ) Blood also falls and leaves decals on the terrain.

Note: the decals are only on terrain, while there are ways to make the decals appear on all objects, they end up floating and it doesn't look so good.

-The blood effects scale based on the caliber of the weapon.
  • The pistol, AY69, and SMG produce the smallest amount of blood -still more than the unmodified game.
  • The SCAR (normal ammo) and FY71 (normal ammo) produce about twice as much as the low caliber weapons.
  • The DSG-1 produces around 50% more than the two assault rifles. The MOAC is about the same as the DSG-1
  • The two assault rifles, when loaded with incendiary ammo, and the Hurricane, produce a bit more.
  • The mounted .50 cal minigun is kind of messy, so is the 20 mm. cannon.
  • The Gauss rifle turns KPA into a cloud of red mist and sends blood flying everywhere.
-Heavy KPA, wearing body armor, lose less blood than the light KPA which are unarmored -All explosive weapons, including both grenade launchers, the LAW, C4 (buggy, doesn't work most of the time), VTOL missiles, Helicopter missiles, Tank shells, and APC shells, produce the amount of blood you'd expect if someone took a direct hit from one of these weapons. They look similar to and are based on the gauss rifle's blood effects. Note: the weapons needs to score a *direct hit* on the KPA, otherwise the amount of blood will be the same as in the unmodified game, none. -Melee attacks have blood. -The PAX still has no blood. I tried, but the game won't do it.
->Weapon changes:


-SMG: Increased damage so it isn't made completely redundant by the AY69. Kills heavy KPA in 4 hits at close range and light KPA in 3 (Same as the SOCOM). You can carry 400 rounds of ammo for it.


-AY69: Slightly increased damage. Kills heavy KPA in 5 hits and light KPA in 4. (One less hit than before)


-SCAR: Added Incendiary ammo, which is quite deadly. 2 hits will kill heavy KPA with the first hit typically knocking them down. One hit will kill light KPA. Picking up a SCAR will give you 40 rounds of incendiary ammo in addition to the 40 rounds of normal ammo you normally get. Fixed the muzzle flash when using the tactical attachment. I thought it was wierd that fire would come out of the barrel of the rifle when firing an attachment under it. Now firing the tac attachment results in a small amount of smoke under the rifle. Tactical attachment fires every 5 seconds and puts enemies to sleep for 5 minutes. You can carry 400 rounds of each ammo types. 10 magazines of 40 rounds, same as 10 magazines of 30 rounds for the FY71.


-FY71: Same tactical attachment changes.

Increased speed of bullets from 710 m/s to 900 m/s. (Same muzzle velocity as AK-74, which I think the FY71 is based on. SCAR has 6.8x45 mm caliber printed on the side of the gun above the trigger. If the FY71 were based on the AK-47 @7.62x39mm, it would do more damage than the SCAR. It doesn't, so it must be 5.45x39 mm, i.e. AK-74.

-DSG-1: a.k.a. Precision rifle. Increased amount of ammo you can carry to 50 rounds.

-Shotgun: Increased number of projectiles fired from 10 to 20, reduced damage of individual projectiles to compensate.

This was done to get more blood when firing the shotgun. As soon as a KPA takes a fatal amount of damage, they are no longer "shootable" to comply with those ragdoll laws in Germany. The result is, even firing a shotgun into a KPA at point blank range, only 2 or 3 of the 10 projectiles actually hit, the rest pass through the KPA without generating any hit effects. More projectiles with less damage = more hit effects. Think of the shotgun as firing flechette rounds, which contain 20 or so dart like projectiles.

Tightened the spread of the "wide spread" fire mode by one degree

Increased the rate of fire from 60 rpm to 75 rpm. (Psycho can fire right after pumping the shotgun)

The end result is the shotgun is extremely effective at close range.

-Grenade Launcher attachment: Increased speed of grenades from 70 m/s to 76 m/s. (Same as AG36 grenade launcher in real life.)


-FGL40: Increased speed of grenades to 76 m/s (same as Milkor MGL). Increased rate of fire to 180 rpm. (You can fire all six grenades in 2 seconds, also same as Milkor MGL) Added ability to put a laser sight on it. Moved to the "explosives" slot so you can always carry it. It's sort of overpowered, but this is singleplayer. Also increased lifetime of remote grenades to 30 minutes so if you want to fire a ton of them and set them all off at once, you can.


-Hurricane: For a rarely found minigun, I thought this thing was seriously lacking in power. Damage and rate of fire increased. Spread decreased. Recoil increased but made a lot less random. (The gun wants to go up instead of all over the place) Fires incendiary ammo by default to explain its damage increase while still using lower caliber ammo. It is overall, much more effective. Increased ammo carried to 1000.

*Note about the rate of fire: The gun fires at 1800 rpm, and uses ammo at that rate. This actually means than it uses ammo slower than it does in the original game. In the original game there is a "fake fire rate" multiplier in the XML file that makes the gun use ammo faster than it is actually shooting. That has been removed.


-Gauss Rifle: Increased damage so it kills nano-koreans in one hit. Expanded its anti-vehicle usefulness. Note: some vehicles only in game if you play a custom map, I included them anyway. Also got rid of the grey stones when firing it at aliens.
  • Helicopter's destroyed in 6 hits, however a well aimed shot to the engines will result in engine failure and the helicopter either dropping like a stone or exploding.
  • Tracked APC destroyed in 6 hits.
  • ASV destroyed in 3 hits.
  • Amphibious APC destroyed in 5 hits.
  • VTOL destroyed in 8 hits.
  • AA Tank destroyed in 4 hits.
  • Asian Tank destroyed in 8 hits.
  • US Tank destroyed in 10 hits.
  • Rubber and civilian boats destroyed in 2 hits.
  • Patrol boats destroyed in 4 hits.
  • Vehicle engines and tracks destroyed in 1 hit- i.e. shoot the back of a tank and you will deal full damage the engine component.
  • Armored vehicles take less damage to the turret, you need to fire at the main body to destroy them in X # of hits.

-LAW: Added a locked on, fire-and-forget mode. To use it, press your switch firemode key. Then scope in on a vehicle. You should see a red targeting thing. Wait a second for it to say "Fire!", then you can fire the rocket and it will follow the target even if you switch to another weapon right after firing. You can also lock on to a target and then turn away from it while still zoomed in. When fired, the rocket will turn around and hit your target. The possibilities don't end there. Let's say you want to destroy a particularly dangerous enemy vehicle without it ever seeing you. Switch to cloak and lock on to the vehicle. Then, *while still zoomed in and locked on*, move behind cover. You can then fire the rocket around your cover, over a building, etc, and the rocket will hit your target. I didn't code this. It was part of the game when Crysis was in its beta stage, but was removed in the final release. -Also added a second 8x zoom stage to the scope.


-Mounted MG's (Shi-Ten): Changed to be more like the M60, which it looks very much like. Different sound effects, much more damage (changed from 60 to 190), fires slower (550 rpm). Overall much more powerful and a serious threat when a KPA is using one.


-Mounted Minigun: Looking at the ammo belt feeding into the side of this beast, it appears to be a .50 caliber minigun. It's firepower has been increased to reflect this. 300 damage per shot at 1800 rpm. Anything less armored than a tank won't last long in front of this weapon. Uses red tracers.


-Mounted 20mm cannon: It's firepower has been unchanged, but it is now more accurate. I also added explosion and sound effects to the impact of its rounds to make things more interesting. Changed to automatic firing and uses the APC cannon's sound effects.


-MOAC: Increased damage from 150 to 400. (Weapon only available in custom maps or devmode commands)


-Note about all suppressed weapons: I greatly reduced the amount of damage weapons lose when suppressed. This is partly for realism, and partly because it looks rediculous for blood to fly out of a KPA's chest with my new particles and for them to just stand there saying "ouch!"

I increased the sound radii for suppressed weapons. The SMG's are the quietest, followed by the SOCOM, the SCAR, and the FY71 being the loudest. A suppressed SMG or pistol is more stealthy than a suppressed assault rifle. For example the SCAR has a suppressed sound radius of 30 meters. Any KPA within this distance will start looking for you. KPA well within this distance (~ 15 or so meters) will go on full alert and attack you as if you fired an unsuppressed weapon. For comparison, the both SMG's have a suppressed sound radius of 20 meters and are less likely to alert the KPA at closer range.


  • Increased the light radii of most weapon's muzzle flashes, hand held and vehicle mounted.
  • Light from a muzzle flash lasts as long as its particle effect.
  • Increased damage of the tank singularity cannon, TAC cannon, and TAC launcher to 20,000. This is so they can take out hunters in one hit.
->Vehicle Changes:

-Helicopter: Some tweaks to the rocket pods on the sides. They are harder to destroy, however when destroyed they do serious damage to the chopper. Destroying both rocket pods does about the same amount of damage as shooting the chopper once with the LAW. Also added sound effects to the rocket pod explosion and increased the amount and lifetime of the smoke that issues from the rocket pods when destroyed.


-AA Tank: Increased damage of weapon to be more effective against aliens, it can also lower its turret farther so you don't have to use the third person glitch to shoot ground targets.


-Tracked APC: Increased rate of fire of cannon to 200 rpm, the same as the M242 Bushmaster cannon found on the Bradley APC. Removed recoil from the TOW missiles. This APC carries 900 cannon rounds and 6 TOW missiles. (Based on Bradley APC specs) Changed vehicle mass and engine power to real world specs. When occupied by a KPA soldier, it is a very serious threat.


-Amphibious APC: Same weapon changes as the tracked APC. Carries 420 cannon rounds and 16 TOW missiles. (Based on the AT load out of the LAV-25 APC) Changed mass and engine power to real world specs. Note: The APC's were pretty close to their real world weight and engine power, so this isn't really much of a change. It's more noticeable on the tanks...


-US Tank: Shame there aren't any tank missions in Warhead. I already had the idea from a Crysis mod I'm working on. Increased vehicle mass from 30,000 kg to 63,000 kg, the same as the M1A2 Abrams tank. Increased engine power to 1500 HP. The result is it feels more like a heavily armored tank when you're driving it. It can also push other vehicles out of the way like toys. Guess we'll have to wait until CryEngine 5 for vehicle crushing.
Carries 42 shells. Greatly increased accuracy and power of the coaxial machine gun. (It's an M240G machine gun, not an MP5. Does 190 damage at 900 rpm) Gauss variant carries 42 shells, and the nuke variant carries 10 shells. Adjusted damage multipliers to make it more damage resistant.


-Asian Tank: Stats are based on the T-84. Changed mass to 48,000 kg and increased engine power to 1200 HP. Carries 40 shells. Increased cannon damage from 300 to 400 so it can more effectively kill other KPA tanks. Coaxial machine gun fires at 800 RPM doing 190 damage, and is slightly more accurate than the US tank's coax gun. (Based on PK machine gun used on Russian tanks)


-VTOL: MUCH faster. Ascension variant uses the APC cannon's hit effects. Gunner's weapon is far more powerful (.50 cal minigun).


-Other Stuff:

  • Armored vehicles much less vulnerable to collision damage. No more hitting a rock and taking 10% damage in a tank.
  • Generally made vehicles less vulnerable to splash damage.
  • Reduced recoil of tank cannons.
  • Increased speed of tank and APC shells to realistic values.
  • Increased max speed of LTV's.
->Misc. Changes:

-Reduced the hit impulses when KPA are fatally shot so it's more of a slump and less of a "blown away". For example when shooting a KPA in the head with the DSG-1, their head will snap back and they will slump over instead of going flying backward. It also looks better with the particle effects.


-Modified the equipment packs. As Psycho was known to have all weapon attachments in his possession before the events of Crysis WARHEAD, you start the game with all attachments except incendiary ammo for the FY71. Psycho also had a DSG-1 in the "Assault" mission of Crysis, so you start with one of those as a secondary weapon with 36 rounds of ammo in reserve. (I picked a random number). *For anyone who hasn't played the first Crysis, "Assault" is the level where Psycho gets new orders and leaves on his own mssion, not to be seen again until the end of the game where he's standing next to a sleeping alien.


-Nano-Koreans can be grabbed by the throat if you manage to sneak up on them.


-Very nearly eliminated scope sway in strength mode.


-Changed nanosuit materials to "kevlar" so the player and enemy nanosuit soldiers lose less blood.

->Known issues and other stuff

-I have noticed some crashing, possibly do to with the particles. It's hard to say if it's my mod or an issue with the base game. It's not serious, but it happens from time to time.

-It looks a little wierd when a KPA's helmet is knocked off by the gauss rifle.

-The color of the blood can look more or less bright depending on the time of day and map.


->Download Link!

-Crymod Database: Download
-Gamefront Mirror: Download

edit: fixed duplicate screenshot and some screw ups

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PostPosted 20.07.2010, 13:42 
It sounds really cool with all the changes you made,
Could you make a crysis version of the minigun, so that crysis players can play this correctly
Looking at the XML files, it looks like this would work in vanilla crysis too.

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PostPosted 20.07.2010, 13:46 
That's actually part of the mod that's on hiatus, which will soon be coming off of hiatus. The 20mm is in it to. :D
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PostPosted 27.07.2010, 00:01 

First post updated with Crymod download link. Requesting feedback. :))
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PostPosted 27.07.2010, 00:24 
Woaaah that sounds awesome! Gonna try it out =) You really put lots of effort into solely the post :D

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PostPosted 27.07.2010, 00:24 
Exactly what I was looking for, I'm going to replay warhead with this turned on - Thx for your work!

Although the Gauss effect may be a little bit over the top.... but I haven't seen it ingame yet so I might be wrong! :)
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PostPosted 01.08.2010, 07:24 
Hey there :)

Just wanna say something: i really like your Mod. Your Mod is pushing my butt into the seat and play Warhead a couple of times from beginning to end.

Great work! --> 5*

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PostPosted 01.08.2010, 07:34 
Very cool !

My only gripe is the blood color, it takes away from the realism. It's too neon-ish looking. Looks odd.

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PostPosted 15.09.2010, 23:29 
Glad you like it guys, and thanks for the feedback! It inspires me to keep going with other projects. :))

ultranew-b, I've taken note of your comment on the blood color, thanks. I'm working on a mod for vanilla Crysis that will have the blood effects. I've darkened them a shade or two. They're still a distinct red but not as bright.

And about the effects, I made them in vanilla Crysis first and transferred them to Warhead by copying and pasting them into the particle database files.

Thanks again, everyone.
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PostPosted 27.10.2010, 18:35 
Really interessant MOD!
I will download it, and especially play Warhead again from start to end, only for the mod :D


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PostPosted 28.10.2010, 20:26 
lol where have i seen this before.

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PostPosted 31.10.2010, 13:58 
Wow! I still didnt post here!, sorry! Thats great idea! Im going to play it too! I especially like warhead matal-hit particles and burning objects. Hope to see them all here... BTW according to blood amount seems u fight not with people but with drunken vampires :]

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PostPosted 31.10.2010, 22:28 
Yeah, the blood is a bit more than realistic. :)) I wanted it to be more than in the normal game, but less than in the extreme particle chaos mod where one shot from anything looks like the NK got cut in half. It's more comparable to the FEAR series of games now -especially the gauss rifle.
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PostPosted 19.01.2011, 03:57 
cool mod
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PostPosted 19.01.2011, 20:19 
Thanks! :))