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PostPosted 01.03.2011, 23:21 
We will still be here :) even if playing C2 on a daily basis lol.

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PostPosted 08.03.2011, 22:40 
I'll be keeping an eye on this. Looking very interesting. Nice work!
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PostPosted 08.03.2011, 23:36 
The pylon wires in the background look rather stiff. See if you can add a few more points to the ropes to make them bend a bit more. Also think the scene could use more vegetation, e.g rocks on the small grass field on the left etc, but that's just personal preference.

Looks nice other than that, I like the feeling of heights and the mountains in the background look really cool!

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PostPosted 08.03.2011, 23:48 
I had the pylon wires bent but it resulted in some bugging in the tool (It's not the most stable tool in the CE2/SB2 toolset).

Either way, I'll try and work around it. As for the vegetation/rocks, those have been added a few days ago. Scene looks better now :)


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 Post Topic: Re: The Increment (Tech Demo)
PostPosted 07.05.2011, 16:34 

May Update - The News

Its been a busy 2 months for the team - we're steadily moving forwards, and we're particularly happy for Crytek finally announcing the full plans for the Indie tools this summer - provided we have the team skillset required (primarily animators and coders) we should in have everything ready for a demo release when the tools release to the public hopefully.

I'd also like to announce that Duruk has just joined us as a level designer, and we're very glad to have him onboard.

NI Border:

We've got a minor update for you (which you will have already seen if you've been following us on moddb) on the NI border level featuring environmental work by Donkluseckza, and level design work by ultranew_b.


This is the SAS CRW equipment that the player will get to don during the game at certain points. There will be slightly different versions depending on the character using the equipment due to body builds, and we love a bit of variation in our work. Consider this just one of several versions you'll get to see in game.

Its also a bit of a hint as to one of the operations our tech demo might contain. ;)

Model by Sumit Jaitmal.


As always, we are looking for new staff to join our team of developers. We're currently looking for people with the following skillsets:

  • 3D Hardsurface Modelling
  • 3D Organic Modelling
  • Animator
  • C++/XML/Lua Coder
  • Flowgrapher

If you have one of these skills, send a PM to me on Crymod, ModDB, email me at, or post on our forums at and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thats all for now everyone!

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 Post Topic: Re: The Increment (Tech Demo)
PostPosted 07.05.2011, 17:47 
Stuff looks great; especially the Character, it would be great to see some bodies for those head models you made a while back.
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 Post Topic: Re: The Increment (Tech Demo)
PostPosted 08.05.2011, 12:42 
I like the church