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 Post Topic: Tactical Expansion (A Crysis Campaign and massive weapon mod
PostPosted 05.03.2011, 23:09 
The time has come for me to release another mod, and this one is by far my largest yet. The following is more or less copied from my readme file with lots of formatting to make it less of a 18 page wall of text. Grab some snacks and get ready to read a really big changelog.

Download from Crymod (Currently Offline)

ModDB profile is up and running: Click Here

Gamefront DL link:
Tactical Expansion Mod ~80MB


Preview video, thanks to Youpala:

Another video, thanks to I-E-D:


->About the Mod and some Ramblings:
This all started in January of 2010, as an experiment on how I could change the weapons of Crysis. First came giving the mounted Shi-Ten's a more realistic level of firepower, and porting the mounted weapons over from Warhead. I merged that with my SCAR Incendiary Ammo mod, and overhauled the damage of suppressed weapons. Then came some other random changes, and making the Gauss rifle capable of taking out all vehicles. The mod went on hiatus until about July, while I worked on other projects.

One of those was my HEAT mod for Warhead, which was essentially a Warhead Version of this mod, at that time. I merged its blood effects with this mod. Next came tracer effects, bullet drop, and an overhaul of most vehicles and their weapons, which took until about August. About this time I started messing with the SDK, and found the code within it which is responsible for adding the FY71's incendiary ammo attachment to the player's inventory when picking up an ammo box.

With this code, it suddenly became more practical to add many new ammo types to the game. So for another 2-3 months, I added a total of 22 new ammo types to the game. After that came bullet penetration, subsequent debugging, and the addition of Fortran's M107 and Rad15's Advanced AI. Next came modifying the campaign levels with my new ammo types, since I knew that if people had to add 22 ammo types to the maps themselves, they might start pulling their hair out. As I was modifying the "Tank" (Onslaught) level, I got the idea to do what no one else that I know of has, fix the repair tool in singleplayer. So, that was the last step.


The point of the above story is this is not a planned mod. One idea lead to another over a period of eight months. What all those ideas had in common was me asking myself: "how can I make an already great game more interesting". The answer was enhance some of the things that make Crysis unique. More weapon attachments and related tactical options. More blood for...not really sure, but it looks a little wierd when someone takes a direct hit from a tank shell and just flies back. Realism enhancements like realistically lethal main battle tanks, bullet drop, and penetration. Fortran's M107 for some deadly firepower, and Rad15's Advanced AI so the KPA actually have a fighting chance against a cloaking supersoldier equipped with a FRAG-12 filled shotgun.

There are some more things that are not realistic at all, but are aimed at making things more interesting. No, a Delta Force operator would not load his rifle with 100% tracer ammunition, but it looks good to watch the bullet travel across the map to an unlucky NPC. That said, there are some elements of realism in this mod, but it is not a hardcore realism mod. I hope everyone enjoys playing this an much as I've enjoyed making it.

There are a number of people on Crymod who were very helpful with this mod, some without knowing it. In roughly chronological order:

-Credit goes to Solecist, who made the Reality Enhancement mod. I looked the way he set up his seperate head shot effects to get my own working.

-Credit goes to Ins and Cry-JR for their posts on the forums on how to implement a vehicle zoom feature.

-Credit goes to Oak for his wiki tutorial on exit decals for penetration.

-Credit goes to Fortran for allowing me to include and slightly modify his Barrett M107 weapon, and for letting me replace the Crysis sniper scope's flash crosshair with his M107 Scope crosshair.

-Credit goes to Mr.Hankey for supplying the code needed to attach tracer effects to bullets, and spending a week helping me get it working. Without his help, I would have had to remove the tracers because they were getting stuck on objects.

-Credit goes to Rad15 for allowing me to integrate his Advanced AI mod into mine.

->AI Changes:

-Rad15's Advanced AI is included, which makes the AI in the game behave more aggressively. This is a real game changer, stay in one place for too long in a firefight and you will find yourself surrounded shockingly fast. They use more grenades (including smoke), they will suppress you, they will flank you, and they have a tendency to get behind you when you're not expecting it. I have included his original readme seperately for full details.

-Adjusted enemy health according to visual body armor. You should notice a bigger difference between enemies with no visible body armor, enemies with light body armor, and enemies in full body armor. For example it takes two shots to the chest to kill an unarmored enemy with an FY-71, but four shots to kill an enemy will full body armor.

->Blood effects:
New blood effects have been added to nearly all of the weapons.It hangs in the air briefly and is more red. Headshots have seperate effects with "pink mist" and ejecta.(Credit goes to Solecist and his Reality Enhancement Beta mod, which showed me how to do seperate head shot effects.) Blood also falls and leaves decals on the terrain. These effects are an updated version of the effects used in my HEAT mod, with a darker red color and more decals/droplets. I think it's pretty detailed. For example a sniper rifle headshot sends the majority of the blood behind the target and onto the terrain behind/below.

Note: the decals are only on terrain, while there are ways to make the decals appear on all objects, they end up floating and it doesn't look so good.
The blood effects scale based on the caliber of the weapon.
-The SOCOM (Normal ammo) and SMG (Normal ammo) produce the smallest amount of blood -still more than the unmodified game.

-The SCAR (Normal ammo), FY71 (Normal ammo), and SMG (HV ammo) produce about twice as much as the weapons above.

-The DSG-1, MOAC, and SOCOM (API ammo) produce around 50% more than the two assault rifles.

-The two assault rifles (Incendiary ammo), Hurricane, and DSG-1 (Incendiary Ammo) produce a bit more.

-The .50 cal weapons, such as the M107, give the impression that the KPA has been cut in half.

-The Gauss rifle turns KPA into a cloud of red mist and sends blood flying everywhere.

-Heavy KPA, wearing body armor, lose less blood than the light KPA which are unarmored. The same is true for Nano-Koreans.

-All explosive weapons, including grenade launchers, the LAW, C4 (buggy, doesn't work most of the time), VTOL missiles, Helicopter missiles, etc, produce the amount of blood you'd expect if someone took a direct hit from one of these weapons. They look similar to and are based on the Gauss Rifle's blood effects. That is to say, a hit from a tank shell gives the impression that the enemy has been blown into little pieces.

-They also scale, so a direct hit from a tank shell is bloodier than a direct hit from a grenade launcher.

Note that explosive weapons needs to score a *direct hit* on the KPA, otherwise the amount of blood will be the same as in the unmodified game, none.

-Melee attacks have blood.

->Ballistics Changes:
-Bullet drop has been enabled for all weapons.

-Tracer effects have been added, which are attached the the bullet so you can actually see it travel to it's target. Thanks to Crymod member Mr.Hankey for his help with this.

-US weapons have green tracers, and NK weapons have red tracers. Out-of-ammo tracers are yellowish orange.

-Lastly, working penetration has been added. Exit decals are working thanks to Crymod member Oak's tutorial on the wiki. Different weapons penetrate more than others. Tranq dart ammo won't even penetrate plywood. Assault weapons, including the pistol will penetrate things like plywood houses and sheet metal fences, since even a .45 ACP round will easily go through a car door.

Heavier weapons like the DSG-1, Shi-Ten, Shotgun slugs, and tank coax MGs will penetrate the metal used in sniper guard towers, thicker wood like palm trees, and the lightest vehicles like boats. Still heavier weapons such as the M107, Mounted .50 cal minigun, and Helicopter/Vtol gunner .50 cal MGs will penetrate through KPA with body armor. The Gauss Rifle can penetrate concrete walls, but not vehicles and terrain.

-Note: lighter weapons can go through unarmored enemies for double kills (or more), but only a .50 caliber has enough energy to go through one layer of heavy armor, through a body, through a second layer of heavy body armor, and keep going. Modern body armor can stop a 7.62 NATO easily (Think Dragon Skin), so something like a DSG-1 shouldn't go all the way through an armored enemy.

-Penetration is a factor for vehicle weapons too. Some rockets, and tank HEAT rounds will penetrate plywood without detonating. Tank SABOT rounds will penetrate a concrete wall and destroy a tank on the other side. SABOT rounds will also penetrate unarmored vehicles, that is to say anything that is not a tank or APC. You can take out a line of LTVs with one shot with a SABOT round. APC 25mm cannon rounds will penetrate plywood and sheet metal without detonating. Setting the 25mm penetration higher results in penetrating lighter vehicles like boats without exploding, and thus not doing any damage. Unfortunately I can't get penetration with damage, and blast damage at the same time.

-Another note: I'd like to enable penetration of cockpit glass, but I can't do that without enabling penetration of the whole vehicle, which messes up the damage system. (The game counts a penetrating hit on a vehicle as multiple hits.)

->Handheld Weapon Changes:

SOCOM Tactical .45: Modified to be a cross between a Glock 18 and a H&K MK.23, with some additions for improved versatility.

-Changed sound effect to that which is used in the cut scene where Kyong executes the male scientist, which is much more powerful sounding.

-Primary fire mode is semi-auto. Secondary fire mode is a 2 round burst at 1200 RPM. Tertiary fire mode is full auto at 1200 RPM, the same as the G18.

-Capacity is 14 rounds.

-The SOCOM is now a very capable weapon, doing high damage at close range. On full auto, it is quite deadly, and even more so with API ammo. Speaking of which, I added two new ammo types.

Ammo types:
-Normal: 85 damage. Travels at 260 m/s, so drops considerably with range. Penetrates plywood, sheet metal.

-Armor-Piercing Incendiary: 145 damage. Same velocity, penetrates up to sniper tower type metal.

-Tranquilizer: (Inspired by "Chuck", a TV show where the main character has a preference for tranq guns over real guns, since they're silent, incapacitate instantly, and don't affect his conscious so much).

Puts enemies to sleep for 3 minutes. Note that the SOCOM can only fire semi-automatic when using Tranq ammo, and has a reduced 10 round capacity. When using this ammo, the SOCOM is stealthy whether or not a silencer is attached. Tranq ammo travels at 200m/s. Tranq ammo gives the SOCOM the unique ability to make a whole squad go to sleep in a couple seconds, making it a small, but exceedingly dangerous weapon.


SMG (MP8A2): Appears to be a larger version of the MP7A1, possibly a successor, equipped with a 50 round magazine.

-Improved accuracy of aimed firing by ~40%. Assault scope is much more controllable.

-Increased damage and slightly decreased recoil.

-Added High-Velocity ammo.

-Added a three round burst firemode.

Ammo types:
-Normal: 55 damage, travels at 725 m/s.

-High-Velocity: 80 damage, travels at 1170 m/s. The higher velocity makes it useful for longer range targets do to less drop over distance. Damage is equal to the FY71 in the unmodified game. Considerably more recoil than normal ammo, also overheats after about 30 rounds of continuous fire.
Very effective at close to mid-close range. Semi auto or burst fire needed at longer range.


SCAR: Made some changes based on a currently fictional variant of the XM8 firing 6.8x43 SPC rounds. Added new attachments to vastly increase its versatility.

-Added incendiary ammo, with more damage than the FY-71's incendiary ammo. When used in combination with a silencer, you have one deadly stealth weapon.

-Slightly increased recoil. In the normal game, the SCAR and FY71 have identical recoil stats in the XML files despite the SCAR being higher caliber.

-Changed velocity of bullets to 810 m/s based on the 6.8x43mm SPC.

-Changed fire rate to 750 RPM (based on XM8).

-Changed mag size to 30. After thinking about it, I agreed with someone who posted on the forums that there is no way you could fit 40 rounds into a magazine the size that the SCAR uses.

-Added a three round burst firemode. Good for conserving ammo if needed, and if all three rounds hit, it's a one burst kill on heavily armored KPA.

-Fixed the muzzle flash when using the tactical attachment. There is now a puff of smoke under the rifle when the tactical attachment is fired, rather than a muzzle flash issuing from the rifle’s barrel. A muzzle flash from the barrel when firing an attachment that uses compressed air made no sense at all.

-The Tactical attachment can fire every five seconds and makes enemies go to sleep for 5 minutes. Tactical attachment has small blue tracers. Pretend it’s projectiles are coated with some kind of fluorescent material. Note that it is harder to snipe with the tactical attachment due to it's relatively low velocity and the introduction of bullet drop.

-Removed the Tactical Attachment's vehicle damage, since it didn't make much sense for a tranq dart to blow up a car.

-Added a new attachment called the "Tactikill Attachment". It's an attachment for the Tactical Attachment that makes it silently kill enemies instead of putting them to sleep. To use, both the Tactical and Tactikill attachments need to be equipped. I would have had it be a seperate underbarrel attachment, but that resulted in the recharge meter not showing.

-Added new attachments that can be thought of as new ammo types for the grenade launcher. Includes 7 colors of smoke grenades, canister shells, thermobaric grenades, singularity anti-tank grenades, and nuclear grenades. All smoke/explosive grenades travel at 76 M/s (was 60 M/s, and not realistic).

-Smoke grenades are available in: White, Red, Green, Blue, Blaze Orange, Yellow, and Violet. Each is a seperate ammo type that can be picked up. To use, select the smoke grenade launcher attachment, and select the color of smoke you want from a new menu on the upper-left. Note that even though there is a "1" next to the menu, the "1" key still only toggles the silencer attachment. You need to click on the smoke color you want. These are useful for blanketing enemy positions before you cross open ground, and keeping enemies off of mounted weapons. Smoke lasts 90 seconds.

-Canister shells essentially turn the grenade launcher into a very powerful close range shotgun, capable of killing a Nano-Korean in a single body shot (vs. 2 shots for the Tactical Shotgun). Inspired by the 40mm shotgun of Battlefield Bad Company 2.

-Thermobaric grenades are substantially more powerful than regular grenades. They have a 20 meter blast radius and do enough damage to kill even a Nanosuit enemy with a single grenade. Unlike normal grenades, if you fire one of these at something too close you will die, in fact the minimum safe distance for you (in armor mode) is about 18 meters. They have different explosion and sound effects. When one goes off, you'll notice it.

-Singularity Anti-Tank grenades have the same 20 meter blast radius of Thermobaric grenades, but as the name implies, they're overkill against infantry. One is enough to destroy any tank within its radius. They use a scaled down version of the effect used by the singularity tank's weapon.

-Nuke grenades have effects identical the the TAC Cannon. Say good bye to any enemies within 65 meters of the detonation.

-Added grenade launcher attachment to the SCAR's initial setup. This was done to simplify things. It's easier to have a GL on the rifle by default than to try to explain why you would need to pick up different, but identical GL attachments to fire the different ammo types. When you pick up smoke, canister, thermobaric, singularity, or nuke ammo, the respective attachment is added to your inventory by code in the DLL file.

This setup makes more sense than having to pick up a canister launcher and ammo, a normal GL and ammo, and a smoke GL and ammo, etc. Now you just pick up ammo. Much more simple. The downside, or upside, depending on how you look at it, is explosive GL ammo isn't exactly uncommon anymore.

Ammo Types:
Normal: 120 damage (Unchanged).

Incendiary: 190 damage.
Note: If you look closely at a 40MM Singularity-AT grenade, it reads "MMG-010367-DE-SCP". This means "McTiller Martins Group-010367-Directed Energy-Singularity Contained Plasma"

FY-71: Made some changes, the result is the FY-71 is basically a cross between the AK-74 and the AN-94.

-Changed rate of fire to 600 RPM (based on both guns).

-Increased damage from 80 to 90 for a little more effectiveness.

-Increased speed of bullets from 710 m/s to 900 m/s. This is based on the FY71’s resemblance to the AK-74, which fires the 5.45x39mm at 900 m/s. AN-94 also has same caliber/velocity, so no arguments there.

-Added two round burst firemode. This is based on the AN-94, and like the real thing, the burst rate is 1800 RPM. Firing two shots at practically the same time makes this firemode highly efficient and deadly against unarmored enemies that go down in only two hits. With incendiary ammo, it's a one burst kill on heavily armored KPA.

(Note: the real AN-94, when set to full auto, fires the first two rounds at 1800 RPM then cycles back to 600 RPM as long as the trigger is held down. This wouldn't be possible in Crysis without very tricky coding that I can't do, so full auto is just 600 RPM.)

-Same tactical attachment changes/fixes and grenade launcher changes/additions for vastly increased versatility.

-Incendiary ammo damage increased from 150 to 160 to maintain the damage difference between incendiary and normal ammo.


DSG-1: Some changes/additions for improved versatility.

-Increased rate of fire from 44 RPM to 48 RPM so there's a little less of a delay after chambering a round.

-Added Armor-Piercing Incendiary ammo, which is powerful enough to kill any non-Nanosuit enemy in one hit (335 damage, vs 250 for normal ammo). The KPA wearing full body armor will survive a center-mass shot from normal ammo, but not API ammo.

-Changed speed of bullets to 790 m/s. ( 7.62x51mm NATO)

-Added ability to use a silencer.


to be continued........

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PostPosted 05.03.2011, 23:22 
Download now please? :D

Totally gonna replay the SP with this mod

Originally posted by Hmmm:
Because some things never deserved to be open....
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PostPosted 05.03.2011, 23:28 
Currently uploading to gamefront for a temporary download link. It's at ~10% now. My connection is slow.
Massive changelog part 2 of hopefully just 3

Tactical Shotgun: Some changes to make it more versatile and powerful.

-Increased rate of fire from 60 RPM to 75 RPM. (0.8 seconds between shots instead of 1 second). This basically removes the 0.2 second delay between when you finish working the pump action and when you can fire your next shot.

-Increased number of pellets from 10 to 20, reduced damage per pellet to compensate. Overall damage slightly reduced so it takes two point blank shots to kill a Nano-Korean at close range (armor mode). A headshot will kill a Nano-Korean instantly, especially when set to tight spread mode. The increased number of pellets with less damage was done to get more blood when using the shotgun. As soon as a KPA takes a fatal amount of damage, they are no longer "shootable" to comply with those ragdoll laws in Germany. The result is, even firing a shotgun into a KPA at point blank range, only 2 or 3 of the 10 projectiles actually hit, the rest pass through the KPA without generating any hit effects. More projectiles with less damage = more hit effects. Think of the shotgun as firing flechette rounds, which contain 20 or so dart like projectiles.

Ammo types:
Flechette: See above for stats.

Slugs: These do 305 damage at close range, which decreases relatively quickly compared to rifles with distance.

FRAG-12: These are mini-grenades fired from the shotgun at 350 m/s. They have only 45% of the blast radius of the under barrel grenade launcher’s grenades, but fire considerably faster and can be used at longer range. One direct hit is fatal to any human enemy other than the Nanosuit guys, which take 3-4 hits to kill. You have a good reason to put a sniper scope on the shotgun now.

With all of its ammo types, the Shotgun is now a highly versatile and deadly weapon. However, it's not very stealthy and can't take out armored vehicles efficiently. (FRAG-12 ammo can, the way it's set up, but it takes forever.)


Gauss Rifle (GK8 Heavy Anti-Vehicle Rifle): Improved it's anti-vehicle utility.

-Increased damage from 500 to 800 so it can kill Nano-Koreans in one hit.

-Added improved hit effects so it actually looks like a hypersonic projectile is hitting the ground.

-Adjusted the muzzle flash, the gun lights up everything within 10 meters a bright blue when it is fired.

-Added Anti-Tank ammo, which is extremely powerful.

Ammo types:
Normal: Capable of utterly destroying any infantry target, also reasonably effective against armor. Travels at Mach 8 (2722 m/s, was 10,000 m/s) 800 damage (was 500). Normal ammo has blue tracer, only visible when firing at distant targets or in slow-mo due to its velocity.
Will Destroy:
-Civ Car, LTV, rubber and civilian boats in 2 hits.
-Patrol Boat in 5 hits.
-Helicopter in 6 hits, however one engine hit will disable the heli's engines.
-VTOL in 7 hits.
-AA Tank in 4 hits (or 1 hit to the lower back).
-Tracked APC in 6 hits.
-Amphibious APC in 5 hits.
-NK Tank in 8 hits, or 4 to engine (back).
-US Tank in 10 hits.

Anti-Tank: Since normal ammo is a guaranteed kill on any infantry, using this on them is overkill. Travels at Mach 12 (4084 m/s). 2340 damage based on kinetic energy increase of a projectile moving at Mach 12 vs. Mach 8. AT ammo has a brighter, blue-white tracer.
Will Destroy:
-Civilian Pickup Trucks, LTVs, Rubber and Civilian boats in 1 hit.
-Patrol boats, APCs, AA Tanks in 2 hits.
-Helicopters, VTOLs in 3 hits. (2 hit's will do sufficient damage to helicopters to disable their engines --down they go)
-NK Tank in 3 hits, or 2 to the engine. One engine hit does ~83% damage.
-US Tank in four hits.

Note that armored vehicles take considerably less damage to the turret. You need to aim at the hull of the vehicle to destroy it in X number of hits.

-Basically, the Gauss Rifle's role is a single-shot dealer of massive, extremely long range damage. With the improved sniper scope it can easily kill a target well beyond 2000 meters away.


Barrett M107: Fortran's .50 caliber sniper rifle is included in this mod, with some changes.

-Added a 56x zoom stage to the scope.

-I increased the damage of normal ball ammo from 300 to 500 (sufficient to kill a Nano-Korean with one head shot), and increased the damage of incendiary ammo from 500 to 800 (sufficient to kill a Nano-Korean with one body shot).

-I made the DU ammo a bit more realistic. As deadly as the Mk211 HEIAP is, it's not going to blow up a tank in three shots. I'm not denying its fun value, I just needed to balance it a little for this mod.

DU ammo kills all infantry in one hit and:

-Civ Car in one hit.
-LTVs in 2 hits, but one hit to the back will ignite the fuel tank.
-Patrol Boat in 6 hits.
-Helicopter in 6 hits, but due to the blast damage affecting multiple components, often less. Like with the Gauss Rifle, one hit to the engines and the heli promptly begins to fly like a rock.
-VTOL in 9 hits.
-AA Tank in 5 hits.
-Tracked APC in 8 hits.
-Amphibious APC in 7 hits.
-NK Tank in 10 hits, or 5 hits to the engine (back).
-US Tank in 14 hits. There's something wrong with it's XML file that makes component hull affection not work, so I can't make the US Tank take more damage when hit in the back, not a very big issue since you're probably not being shot at by US Tanks.

Ammo types:
M33 Ball: 500 damage, penetrates through heavily armored enemies. Headshots on Nano-Koreans are fatal.

M23 Incendiary: 800 damage, penetrates concrete. Nano-Korean killer.

Mk211 HEIAP: 1000 damage, efficient vehicle killer with splash damage.

-From a tactical standpoint, whether the Gauss Rifle or M107 is better is situational. The Gauss rifle makes a mess of infantry and can kill a tank from well over 2000 meters away. It's extremely high velocity rounds are better for long range targets. It's more of an anti-material weapon. The M107 also kills infantry in one hit, but has a considerably higher rate of fire, making it excellent against infantry. It's DU ammo is effective against most vehicles, but not quite as effective against main battle tanks compared to AT Gauss. I'd say in most situations against infantry and lighter vehicles, the M107 is as good as it gets, but the Gauss has it's use.


Hurricane: The minigun needed much bigger teeth...

-Increased damage from 90 to 160, and increased rate of fire from 1200 to 3000.

-Removed the "fake fire rate" which made the weapon use ammo faster than it was actually firing. The result is it takes longer to empty it's magazine, but puts out a lot more damage, about 4 times as much.

-Decreased the spread considerably, recoil is more controllable. (There's a lot of recoil but the gun wants to go up instead of all over the place.)

-One ammo type only, incendiary. This is to explain the large damage increase while still using lower caliber 5.56 ammo.

-The end result is the Hurricane is by far the most dangerous hand held automatic weapon in the game. It can take down helicopters in seconds and can take down a whole squad before they know what's happening.


Sniper Scope Attachment:

-Replaced the flash crosshair with Fortran's M107 scope crosshair.

-Zoom stages changed, they are 4x, 8x, 16x, 28x, and 56x.


LAW: Improved effectiveness.

-Added a second, 8x zoom stage to the scope.

-Slightly increased initial velocity of rockets.

-Increased the blast radius to 24 meters, and made the physics blast wave stronger.

-Added a locked on, fire-and-forget mode, which is also in my other mods. To use it: press your switch firemode key, then scope in on a vehicle. You should see a red targeting thing. Wait a second for it to say "Fire!", then you can fire the rocket and it will follow the target even if you switch to another weapon right after firing. You can also lock on to a target and then turn away from it while still zoomed in. When fired, the rocket will turn around and hit your target. The possibilities don't end there.

Let's say you want to destroy a particularly dangerous enemy vehicle without it ever seeing you. Switch to cloak and lock on to the vehicle. Then, *while still zoomed in and locked on*, move behind cover. You can then fire the rocket around your cover, over a building, etc, and the rocket will hit your target. I didn't code this. It was part of the game when Crysis was in its beta stage, but was removed in the final release.


Repair Torch: Now functional in singleplayer, and also capable of killing infantry. Note that it can only repair unoccupied, or enemy vehicles. This is due to the game treating attempts to repair vehicles occupied by friendly NPCs as friendly fire. Also note that there is no repair percentage indicator like in multiplayer.

-I got it working by making it fire "repair bullets" at 600 RPM doing 10 repair damage per "shot". It repairs at the same speed as in multiplayer and sounds the same.


C4: Much bigger and stronger blast radius (18 meters, was 12). It can now be detonated by gunfire. I know this isn't realistic, but it opens up some new tactical options. For example, if you've placed more than one C4 but only want to detonate one of them. Note that C4 attached to vehicles can't be detonated by gunfire for some reason (bug).


Claymore: Bigger blast radius (24 meters max), and trigger distance (12 meters). Increased arm time from two to four seconds so you have more time to run away in consideration of the blast radius. Changes are intended to make them more useful for singleplayer.


AT Mine: They used to be indestructible, but can now be detonated by other explosives or gunfire. Bigger blast radius, which is slightly less than that of C4. Made the NK Tank take a little more damage from them. (Was 3 mines to destroy, now 2.5, meaning less health after the second mine.)


Remote Nuclear Warhead (New Feature!): Separate from C4, this is a nuke with the same effects as the TAC Tank's nuke. Anything within its 150 meter blast radius will be annihilated, including you if you're not careful. The blast goes through walls and terrain, so you need to make sure you are more than 150 meters away before you detonate it. It looks the same as C4 when picked up and placed. For safety reasons, it is more difficult to detonate with other explosives or gunfire. For example, one grenade nearby will set off C4, but not a nuke. Three grenades will set off a nuke. Called "NukeC4" in the editor. In the "Entity" tab, also has an entry under "Entity Archetypes".

-Note that there may be some objective bugs using these. For example, if you sneak into the landing zone (tall building area) of the Mine/Awakening level, place a nuke, and set it off without killing off some of the KPA first, the objective to clear the LZ doesn't complete for some reason. If you set it off after the helicopter comes to get you and Strickland says something about "Secure the LZ, air reinforcements are coming"....the objective to kill the remaining KPA will be fulfilled.


Frag Grenade: Raised the max explosion radius from 15 to 18 meters, so enemies at 15 meters (realistic casualty radius) take a little more damage from the explosion.


Smoke Grenade: Smoke now lasts 90 seconds (was 35).


EMP Grenade: To give it some utility in singleplayer, it has been changed to the Singularity Anti-Tank grenade. Like the GL-launched variety, it has a 20 meter blast radius and is perfect for getting rid of a troublesome tank.


-Note about all suppressed weapons: I greatly reduced the amount of damage weapons lose when suppressed. This is partly for realism, and partly because it looks ridiculous for blood to fly out of a KPA's chest with my new particles and for them to just stand there saying "ouch!"
I increased the sound radii for suppressed weapons. From quietest to loudest it is:

*Quiet* Tactical Attach/Tranq SOCOM < SMG < SOCOM < SCAR < FY-71 < DSG-1 *Relatively loud*

For example the SCAR has a suppressed sound radius of 30 meters. Any KPA within this distance will start looking for you. KPA well within this distance (~ 15 or so meters) will go on full alert and attack you as if you fired an unsuppressed weapon. For comparison, the SMG has a suppressed sound radius of 20 meters and is less likely to alert the KPA at closer range.


->Mounted Weapon changes:

Shi-Ten: (Vehicle and tripod mounted): It looks a lot like an M60 LMG, so I made some changes to reflect this.

-Increased damage to 245 and reduced fire rate to 550 RPM to be reflective of the M60.

-It takes much longer to overheat, 15 seconds. If you let it overheat it locks up for 5 seconds and takes 7 seconds to cool down fully.

-Changed to the automatic firemode so it produces a sound for each shot instead of a loop, and changed the firing sound to that of the US machinegun. It sounds substantially stronger now.

This weapon is now considerably more dangerous than it is in the normal game, both to you and enemies. However, it is not nearly a deadly as the two mounted weapons brought over from Warhead.


Mounted .50 Caliber Minigun: Looking at this weapon's ammo belt, this appears to be a .50cal weapon. It's firepower has been massively increased compared to how it is in Warhead.

-It fires at 3000 RPM and does 500 damage per shot. Accuracy also increased.

-20 seconds to overheat, locks up for 5 seconds on overheat, 10 seconds to cool down completely.

-Uses the Hurricane's firing sound.

This weapon is absolutely devastating. Anything in front of it less armored than a tank or APC will be destroyed very quickly. I strategically placed some of them in the campaign maps so they're pointing in the direction of enemy helicopters.


Mounted 20 mm Cannon: The second mounted weapon from Warhead, with my own changes.

-Uses the APC Cannon's sound effects.

-460 (Autocannon type) damage at 260 RPM. Very efficient at destroying light vehicles, and can destroy APC's with sustained fire. Also very effective on infantry.

-I set up a new hit type for vehicle damage (Autocannon). This allowed me to more precisely control how much damage vehicles take from this and similar weapons like the APC Cannon and the Ascension VTOL's 20mm Vulcan, and keep it separate from Frag type damage used by grenades.

-Some of the Shi-Tens in the campaign levels have been replaced with .50 caliber Miniguns and 20mm Cannons.

->Vehicle Changes:

-Added a vehicle zoom feature. It's intended for tanks, but works for any vehicle and in any seat. To use, open the console and type:
"bind (key) tankzoom"
...without the quotes, and where (key) is the key you wish to use to toggle zoom. For example: bind 0 tankzoom.

-You can also add "bind (key) tankzoom" to an autoexec.cfg file.


Helicopter: Some tweaks to the rocket pods on the sides. They are harder to destroy, however when destroyed they do serious damage to the chopper. Destroying both rocket pods does slightly less damage than shooting the chopper once with the LAW. Also added sound effects to the rocket pod explosion and increased the amount and lifetime of the smoke that issues from the rocket pods when destroyed.

-Pilot's MG is substantially stronger (245 damage per shot at 800 RPM, based on PK Machine Gun used on Russian tanks. Helicopters and Asian tanks use the same coax weapon in the game XML's.)

-Rockets more powerful, travel at 610 M/s, and drop over distance.

-Gunner's MG (.50 Cal) is now very powerful. (500 damage per shot at 1200 RPM, 105 damage to player.) Uses the VTOL Gunner MG's sound effects.

Helicopters are now a more serious threat, but can still be easily taken out with the LAW. A well-aimed shot with the Gauss Rifle, M107 with DU ammo, or LAW to the engines is also highly effective. The Hurricane is quite effective. One thermobaric grenade also does significant damage.


AA Tank: Increased damage of weapon to be more effective against aliens, it can also lower its turret farther so you don't have to use the third person glitch to shoot ground targets.

-Sound effects of its missile impacts changed. Missiles have much larger blast radius (28 meters, same as tank HEAT rounds). Removed recoil from missile launcher weapon.

-Has bigger, brighter tracers for its quad-cannon.


Tracked APC: Increased rate of fire of cannon to 200 rpm, the same as the M242 Bushmaster Cannon found on the Bradley IFV.

-Cannon has two ammo types, which are toggled using your firemode key. Primary is HEI-T shells, secondary is Canister shells. HEI-T shells are the shells from the normal game, modified with a larger blast radius (6 meters). They do 800 (Autocannon type) damage. HEI-T capacity is 700 shells.

-Secondary ammo type is (fictional) Canister shells. These send a spray of 60 projectiles, with 6 degree spread, doing 220 damage each. Highly effective against close to mid range infantry and light vehicles, such as helicopters. Also gives the APC a means of killing infantry without leveling nearby buildings. APC carries 200 shells of this type.

-Removed the recoil from the TOW missiles, which are now guided. They follow where you are aiming just like the LAW's rockets. Also increased their damage to 1050, which is sufficient to destroy an NK tank with one missile. This APC carries 6 missiles in reserve. The two loaded missiles can be fired in quick succession, and take 10 seconds to reload the next two.

-Changed vehicle mass and engine power to real world specs (Based on M2 Bradley IFV).


Amphibious APC: Same weapon changes as the Tracked APC.

-Carries 420 cannon rounds (330 HEI-T/90 Canister) and 16 TOW missiles. (Based on the AT load out of the LAV-25 APC)

-Changed mass and engine power to real world specs.


US Tank: Heavily modified its main cannon, it now has three ammo types, which are toggled using your firemode key.

-Primary ammo is SABOT (Based on M829A3). This has no splash damage, but will destroy anything other than another US Tank or Alien Hunter in one hit. Travels at 1555 M/s and does 1200 damage.

-Secondary ammo is HEAT (Based on M830A1). Not as much damage as the SABOT, but significant blast radius (28 meters). One is sufficient to take out an APC. Different impact sound effects than SABOT. Travels at 1410 M/s and does 600 damage.

-Tertiary ammo is Canister Shells (Based on M1028). Basically turns the tank cannon into an extremely powerful, long range shotgun. 400 projectiles, with 7 degree spread, doing 250 damage each.

Note: The real M1028 contains 1098 9.5mm tungsten balls. 1100 bullet impacts all at once causes *massive* lag in game, so this version is 400 projectiles doing relatively high damage to compensate.

-Tank carries 24 SABOT shells, 14 HEAT shells, and 12 Canister shells. (I was going to have 42 shells total to be realistic, but I decided to sacrifice realism to give the tank a few more rounds of each ammo type. There are 50 shells total, which considering it's a tank from 2019 that only needs 2 crew members, might not be totally unrealistic.

-The tank's coaxial machinegun is more accurate and powerful, based on the M240 Machinegun. 245 damage per shot at 900 RPM.

-The mounted MG on top has the same changes as the Shi-Ten mentioned earlier.

-Increased the tank's mass and engine power to real world specs, based on the M1A2 Abrams (63,000 Kg, 1500 HP). The result is the tank feels heavier, and can also push smaller vehicles out of its way like toys.

Note: You need to use HEAT shells to destroy the box car on the "Tank" level, since the other shells use "bullet" class projectiles and can't destroy it.

to be continued again....

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Interesting, this mod gives a lot of replay value for Crysis :))

(lol, a bit mild comment, huge mod :rolleyes:)

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(huge chagelog part3 of 3) temp DL link will be on first post momentarily

Asian Tank: Main cannon also has three different ammo types, which are toggled using your firemode key.

-Primary ammo is HEAT (Based on nothing in particular). Does 450 damage. Slighly smaller, 24 meter blast radius.

-Secondary ammo is SABOT (Based on nothing in particular). Also slightly less powerful than the US version, but still enough to destroy another NK tank in one shot. Does 960 damage.

-Tertiary ammo is the AT-11 Sniper ATGM. This is a missile fired from the cannon, doing 1050 damage in impact. It follows where you are aiming just like the LAW and TOW missiles. 28 meter blast radius like the US Heat shells.

Note: This is not a pure reality mod, and I don't want to get into a debate on the difference of effectiveness of US vs. NK munitions. For the purposes of this mod, the US Tank has superior firepower and armor, but the NK Tank gets guided missiles.

-Tank carries 25 HEAT shells, 15 SABOT shells, and 8 AT-11 missiles. (40 shells total is realistic, but I added 8 more to have a few more of each type.)

-Coaxial machinegun is more powerful, based on the PK machinegun. 245 damage at 800 RPM. Slightly more accurate than the US coax MG due to the lower rate of fire.

-Mounted MG on top has the same changes as the US Tank's MG.

-Increased the tank's mass and engine power to real world specs, based on the T-84 Oplot (48,000 Kg, 1200 HP).

Note: You need to use HEAT shells or AT-11 missiles to destroy the box car on the "Tank" level.


Both Tanks: Added some new stuff...

-Added Gauss Coax weapon. This is full-auto coaxial Gauss Rifle firing at 80 RPM. Effective against pretty much anything.

-Added Frag Coax weapon. This is a full-auto shotgun (think AA-12) firing FRAG-12 rounds at 300 RPM. Effective against infantry and light vehicles.

-Changed the Singularity Cannon to have unlimited ammo, since it appears to be some sort of energy weapon.

-Added top mounted .50 cal minigun and 20mm cannon options.

-Added 108 modifications of each tank using every possible weapon combination.

-6 types of main cannon (Normal, Gauss, Tac, Singularity, MOAC, MOAR).

-3 types of coaxial weapon (Normal, Gauss, Frag).

-6 types of top mounted weapon (Normal MG, Gauss, Minigun, 20mm, MOAC, MOAR).


VTOL: Speed significantly increased, a number of weapon changes.

-Normal VTOL's coax MG is the same as the US Tank's coax MG.

-Ascension VTOL's coax MG is based on the M61A2 Vulcan, firing 20mm rounds at 6600 RPM. Does 460 (Autocannon type) damage per shot. Needless to say, the aliens should fly away very fast if they want to live.

-Ascension VTOL's coax MG has a secondary fire mode, AIM9-X Sidewinder missiles. Quite a bit faster than normal missiles, and best used on distant aerial targets. You carry 4 of them. They can't kill tanks, since a Sidewinder's annular blast fragmentation warhead wouldn't do anything to a tank, but can rip an airplane apart.

-Normal VTOL's missiles have damage increased to 1050 so they can take out Asian tanks in one shot. Blast radius also increased to 28 meters.

-Ascension VTOL's missiles are the same, but with different, more fiery explosion effects. Based on the Hellfire.

-The gunner's weapon on both variants is substantially more powerful, being based on a .50 cal minigun. 500 damage per shot at 1200 RPM. Added a second firemode, in which the weapon uses the same Mk211 HEIAP ammo as the M107. This pretty much makes the weapon destroy everything you fire it at.



-Takes a lot more damage from bullets than it used to. It was practically a high speed tank, not anymore.

-Added different modifications (Mounted .50cal Minigun and 20mm cannon).



-More resistant to bullet damage.

-Increased top speed to above 80 on its HUD speedometer.

-Added different modifications.


Civilian Pickup:

-Increased its top speed too.



-Made the fuel tank slightly more resistant to splash damage, so it doesn't explode the second you look at it with a grenade in your hand.

-Also increased it's top speed.

-Added different modifications.


->Other Changes:

-Modified starting equipment packs for several levels.

-Removed the "auto aim" from many MGs. Before, the auto aim caused any mounted MG to hit center mass *every time*, making headshots impossible.

-Reduced the hit impulses when KPA are fatally shot so it's more of a slump and less of a "blown away". For example when shooting a KPA in the head with the DSG-1, their head will snap back and they will slump over instead of going flying backward. It also looks better with the particle effects.

-Heavier weapons take slightly longer to "scope in". The SMG is unchanged at 0.2 seconds. The SCAR, FY-71, and Shotgun are 0.25 seconds, the DSG-1 and Gauss are 0.3 seconds, and the big and heavy M107 is 0.35 seconds.

-Nano-Koreans can be grabbed by the throat if you manage to sneak up on them.

-Weapons generally have larger light radii for muzzle flashes. Some are bigger than others, and all are set up so the light lasts the same amount of time as the fire of the muzzle flash. Tank cannons light up a very large area, and some flashes are different colors. The TAC Tank cannon has a more reddish light, the singularity cannon has a purple light, and the Gauss cannon has a bright blue light.

-Very nearly eliminated scope sway in strength mode.

-Removed autozoom from all weapons.

-Changed Nanosuit Mtls to "kevlar" so the player and Nano-Koreans lose less blood when shot. US Nanosuit "Head" part is also set to "kevlar" to prevent the player from losing brain matter. Before I had it set to "head" just like the NK Nanosuit, this resulted in performance issues and general annoyance of non-fatal brain matter in front of your face in combat. It also caused some performance issues. The only issue with setting the head to mat_kevlar is enemy US nanosuits in custom maps will not have seperate headshot effects.

-Armored vehicles are much less vulnerable to collision and splash damage. A shaped charge won't do much of anything to a tank unless it hits directly, and you need more than a blast wave to get through its armor.

-Increased the jump height of strength mode, and reduced energy consumption from 35 to 30. You can also fall farther without taking damage.

-"Frog Mines" now make a sound when they explode.

->Ammo Capacity Changes:

-SCAR and FY-71: 420 rounds of each type. 16 of each 40mm grenade type (so you can just take two 8 round boxes without wasting ammo).

-SMG: 400 rounds of each type (because 350 made you waste 50 rounds when taking two 200 round boxes).

-SOCOM: 392 rounds of Normal and API ammo (28 magazines), and 280 rounds of Tranq ammo.
(200 rounds goes away quite quickly firing full auto at 1200 RPM for Normal/API)

-Shotgun: 56 rounds of each type.

-DSG-1: 60 rounds of each type.

-Barrett M107: 50 rounds of each type.

-Gauss Rifle: 40 rounds of each type.

-Hurricane: 1000 rounds.

-Tac Cannon: 16 mini-nukes (to be the same as the underbarrel GL nukes).

-Remote Nuclear Warhead: 2 big nukes.

-AT Mine: Changed from 3 to 4 so it's the same as C4


Note: Some will love this, and some will say it's too much ammo. While I agree that there is no way even Arnold Schwarzenegger in a movie could carry a total of...

40 Hand grenades,
192 40mm grenades,
56 Assault rifle magazines,
16 SMG magazines,
84 Pistol magazines,
168 Shotgun shells,
12 7.62mm sniper rifle magazines,
15 .50 caliber sniper rifle magazines,
8 Gauss Rifle magazines,
...*take a breath*...
2 Spare drums of Hurricane ammo,
16 Tac cannon nukes,
2 C4-sized-nukes,
4 C4 demo charges,
4 Claymores,
4 Anti-tank mines.

...all at once, also including two pistols, an SMG, two larger weapons, a rocket launcher, and a portable radar kit (and when I list it like that it really looks like a ton of ammo).

-However, ammo carrying capacity is one area where I'm going to totally ignore realism for the sake of convenience. This way, you can take the ammo that's available in a level, and then focus on engaging the enemy. Also once you add 11 more types of grenade launcher ammo to the game for 12 types total, 10 rounds of each type vs. 16 rounds of each type equates to 120 grenades vs. 192 grenades. With 120 grenades, realism has already flown out the window.

Basic tactical review:

SOCOM: Little gun, but deadly at close range. Tranq ammo gives unequalled short range stealth qualities.

SMG: Not as much power as the SOCOM, but has more range. HV Ammo useful for sniping due its velocity being faster than any other conventional weapon.

SCAR: With all attachments, there is absolutely nothing it can't handle. More power than FY71 and thus better against heavy body armorand nanosuits.

FY71: Like the SCAR, all attachments make the FY71 a true all purpose weapon. It's 2 round burst firemode is very efficient against unarmored early game enemies. With incendiary ammo, that extends to enemies with full armor.

DSG-1: Stealth capable sniper rifle, API ammo and a silencer makes for silent one-hit-kills on anything besides a nano-korean.

M107: .50 caliber sniper rifle, good for devastating multiple targets in rapid succession.

Gauss: Most power, most range, most shock value. Get behind a tank and shoot it twice in the back with AT ammo.

Hurricane: If you didn't use it much before, you'll love it now. Good for shredding anything that's not a tank.

LAW: Substantially more splash damage, be careful with it.

->Known issues and bugs:

-Weapons are balanced for human targets, so there are some issues with using alternate shotgun ammo types on naked aliens. (They don't work as well as they seemingly should)

-I have noticed some crashing, possibly do to with the particles. It's hard to say if it's my mod or just the game acting up. It's not serious, but it happens from time to time, usually on large memory intensive maps.

-When loading up the "Tank" level, the tank's main gun and coaxial MG will probably be very inaccurate, I think this may be an SDK bug.
It is easily fixed by exiting the tank before entering combat and getting back in.

-If the machine gunner on a tank is killed, the tank seemingly starts colliding with nothing and taking damage. This is bug related to the fix for the invulnerable sleeping Koreans bug. It is fixed by ejecting the dead gunner from the tank by switching to his position and then back. It seems disrespectful to eject your dead gunner from the tank, but sadly there is no other way to nullify the bug's effects.

-Tracers do not always work.

-It looks a little wierd when a KPA's helmet is knocked off. The headshot effect is used, but the KPA guy is still alive. The bigger the weapon, the more wierd it looks.

-The color of the blood can be more or less bright depending on the time of day and map.

-The infamous "bloody hats" are now even bloodier!

-Due to the fact that I first started this mod a full year ago, I may have forgotten some small details in this changelog.



Image ImageImageImageImage

ImageImage ImageImageImage

ImageImageImage ImageImage

ImageImageImageImage Image


ImageImageImage Image Image


-edited May 7th-fixed picture rows after new forum version

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PostPosted 06.03.2011, 00:35 
Woah! This is absolutley EPIC to say the least :) Very nice work indeed!! Will download and play through the original campaign with this for sure. Many thanks for all your hard work :)

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PostPosted 06.03.2011, 01:30 
Amazing work here, you really did improve on the game with this mod. Will give it a try after I try out the C2 demo.
Thanks for giving me another reason to keep playing crysis 1.

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PostPosted 06.03.2011, 01:46 
I agree with Fortran: absolutely epic. Now that I am free, I am gonna try it out.

Originally posted by Hmmm:
Because some things never deserved to be open....
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PostPosted 06.03.2011, 02:03 
Thanks guys!

Fortran: Something I want to point out. The top row of screenshots, third from the right. Look at the serial number on the Mk211 ammo. ;)
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PostPosted 06.03.2011, 02:21 
Originally posted by Kilroy357
Thanks guys!

Fortran: Something I want to point out. The top row of screenshots, third from the right. Look at the serial number on the Mk211 ammo. ;)

Ah man!!! That rocks :D Thank you!!!! Feel very honoured :easter: Gonna download this later today, again great work mate.

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PostPosted 06.03.2011, 02:25 
Very nice, iv'e started to create some new attachment like you if you want i can give you some of my assets for you add em on this mod before i post em on a thread

I've already created a Flash Hider, Additing Scopes, And modified the FY71 and im working on getting on the DGS1, the Gauss and the SMG a Grenade Laucher

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PostPosted 06.03.2011, 03:45 
Those look good :))
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PostPosted 06.03.2011, 04:19 
Holy damn, that's a lot of great work man! Would be amazing to see a video series showing off all the changes, if you got the time of course. :)

Either way, fantastic work.

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PostPosted 06.03.2011, 04:26 
I would do a video, but my computer can't handle video recording very well (at least on fraps demo). The sound gets offset by a second or so.
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PostPosted 06.03.2011, 04:51 
All I can say is wow
This is pretty much everything I was making for my own personal mod (bullet drop, bullet penetration, more realistic recoil/damage, rocket speed, etc) plus a LOT more.

Good work
VERY good work

Also, the last thing I was trying to figure out was how to have the Shi-Ten use actual box magazines but I was having trouble with the HUD since it normally just uses the "heat" bar but obviously you know how to mess with the HUD.


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