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 Post Topic: Tiberian Genesis mod introduction
PostPosted 15.09.2011, 22:04 
Hey there guys and gals,

This is a repost, but I still hope you're all doing fine and are enjoying the global madness all around us :P ... Anyways, I'm here to show you the virtual crazyness, some of the work me and my teammates have done on our Tiberian Sun mod; for Crysis in case you're wondering...
We've taken our precious time and we recently brought out some screenies showing off the Assault Rifles and the Vulcan Cannon... speaking of which, a question we asked in the update was which rifle design you'd prefer (the first one is similar to the one in the cutscene, the 2nd is my "heavier" design)?

I personally prefer the second one, but many guys in the team would pick the first one...


Our goal is to convert the original Tiberian Sun (so we ain't talking about Renegade) into the Crysis Engine and make it feel like the real deal... I personally think that the atmosphere in C&C was it's main characteristic (apart from the brilliant music, unit design and Kane), so I'm insisting we nail that one.
The other interessting aspect is, that we will be using Renegade's base system, however we will also include the Commander function, meaning that one player will be able to build buildings, fortify the base, plan for the squads that want to join him (remember, you can just as well play the lone-wolf game - that's at least what I'll probably be doing :)).

Or as I said in the interview we did with CNCNZ


We're aiming to bring a visually beautiful, immersive, authentic remake of the old Tiberian Sun. It will contain both elements from the old RTS and the newer Renegade game - you will be able to play the soldier, buy your own armour and create squads to outmanoueuver (and outgun) the enemy, as well as the Commander who will be responsible for building and fortifying the base, make sure the economics are right and keep an overview of the battlefield to support your "troops". Pure RTS mod in view as well.


Anyways, if you think it might be fun to play the original Tiberian Sun in the Crysis Engine and kick your buddies' ass in a Titan, feel free to check us out.
Nostalgics, FPS grunts and RTS masterminds, you're all welcome guys!
I'll leave the links here:

Tiberian Genesis forums
Tiberian Genesis on Facebook
Tiberian Genesis on MODDB


A few other important things I'd like to address:

  • We redesigned our site (this is a transitional one, the real deal is coming soon) and we also opened up some threads (YouTube background contest, TS Questionnaire, behind the scenes, etc)
  • We're hunting for modelers, 2D artists, sound designers, LUA scriptors and a few more... if you'd like to join the team, head over to the forum and sign up, say "Hi, Incognito sent me here" (lol), you know, the usual.... Besides, check the renders, they still need good GDI textures :). If you're interessted, contact us at
  • We'll also be posting more screenies over there and you can check the place out and see what we're all about!


That'd be all for now guys, feel free to critique&comment the pics you see and spread some love :)!
(the assault rifle and the Vulcan are my work, so bring it on!)
See you around!




PS: Admins, hope this ain't too image intensive, but I really have to show the stuff to the people. If there's a way to make the images 30-50% that'd be awesome!
PPS: Awesome forum design, very slick... and the smileys are silly but funny haha


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 Post Topic: Re: Tiberian Genesis mod introduction
PostPosted 22.09.2011, 03:17 
awesome work !
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 Post Topic: Re: Tiberian Genesis mod introduction
PostPosted 25.09.2011, 10:57 
Hey thanks man!
I'm quite excited about it myself and really want to see it finished, it'd be beast!

But we do need more members in order to accomplish that... Thankfully, we got a few applications from modellers/texturers so that's GREAT!

... but you never got enough of those, right ;)?

Take care man, peace

Andi a.k.a. Incognito
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 Post Topic: Re: Tiberian Genesis mod introduction
PostPosted 25.09.2011, 11:39 
Wow!, I was here! Glad to comment, but u know it yourself.....its extremely cool. December update on your site is especially head blowing. Hope this is for Crysis 1. Are all of those assets fully functional in game? And the most interesting question from me: have you made any ai code modifications?

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 Post Topic: Re: Tiberian Genesis mod introduction
PostPosted 20.11.2011, 00:42 
Quote by andrey_filantrop:
Wow!, I was here! Glad to comment, but u know it yourself.....its extremely cool. December update on your site is especially head blowing. Hope this is for Crysis 1. Are all of those assets fully functional in game? And the most interesting question from me: have you made any ai code modifications?

Hey Andrey, sorry for the late, late reply!

This is currently for Crysis 1, we thought of going over to the SDK (which would've been free) but that won't be the case as far as I know.
The assets you saw are functional in-game, could use some tweakings, but I've already flown an Orca, drove the HMLRS and some others... ;)

As for the AI, that's a question I can't precisely answer (ain't in the coding dept.). We wanted to play with the AI, but turns out it's rather complicated so we won't be doing that one right away because of other priorities (buildings, wall placement, what not).
What did you have in mind?

Also guys, I'll throw in the newest update in here as well, enjoy!

originally posted by desi8389, our Sound Designer

Quote by Desi8389 over at TG forums:
Hey everybody! We've been working hard on new content and have some very exciting things lined up for you guys! However, before we show these things, we just want to build up plenty of content so you guys can have several jaw dropping moments :D.

In the meantime, check out our new promotional video that we have posted on YouTube. It features screenshots of the game in action and also features an original song that we will be using in the game.

As always, leave your comments and feedback!

In addition, we need help as we have several positions open and need motivated members to fill them:

-Concept Artists
-3D/Organic Modelers
-Sound Designers

If you think you can help with any of these, email us!
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 Post Topic: Re: Tiberian Genesis mod introduction
PostPosted 03.12.2011, 14:21 
Hey guys,

Here's a small update and something that should MAKE YOU VERY HAPPY (check out the screenie at the end).

Lately things have been really intense because we have gotten many new members and things look GREAT so far!

Among other things, which came to me personally as a surprise, is that we got ourselves in the Dutch "Gameplay" magazine where they wrote a little article about our mod. Here's the article with the translation (provided by Duruk over at MODDB) beneath:


With Tiberian Genisis, the Crydev mod team Incognito, wants to stir up the struggle between GDI and NOD higher like never before. Every C&C player knows that you don't need to be in the midst of the battle. Keeping the overview from a birds-eye perspective and taking the right strategic decisions is at least more important. Just like in Nuclear Dawn you will have to battle forces on the ground and in the air in Tiberian Genisis, that makes this project very ambitious. Not only do the creator want to recreate every unit and building from GDI and NOD with the CryENGINE 2, they also want to create impressive levels where the Tiberium slowly spreads and mutates around the beautiful environment. Announced game modes are base infiltration and building and defending your own base while under constant attack. On paper this is without doubt one of the most impressive mods of the moment, lets just hope that the young and ambitious mod would be biting off far more than it could chew there...

The second thing that will excite you into heavens is our Harvester. All credits and glory goes to our professional MASTER-member, MetalBear!
Here are just two of many screenshots (who knows, maybe you'll see the harvester again soon ;))!


In case you want a wall-paper size image of the harvester or see more screenies, check out this page and click on "original image" (not sure how to attach properly, mehh)

I'm sure you'll see more of our work in the near future!

And, to wrap it up guys... It's that time of the year - MODDB is having their annualy Mod of the Year Award! Of course we're participating and already got our fans to vote... If you think we're doing the right things, click on the link and give us a vote to keep rocking!

Here's the link to our MODDB page so head over there and click on the shiny button! Don't forget to tell your friends and family to do the same!

The results will be visible... well, the clock says it all :)!

Take care guys and see you soon!


PS: CryEngine at it's best!!
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 Post Topic: Re: Tiberian Genesis mod introduction
PostPosted 16.12.2011, 15:12 
Another update guys, made by our main man, desi over at MODDB

Hey everyone!
Firstly, we'd like to thank all of you who voted for us to get to the top 100! We couldn't have done it without your support! However, we need your help to win MOTY so If you haven't voted, please vote! Press the vote button below!
little green button when you scroll down a bit... thx !

Secondly, We have some exciting things lined up for you guys! The following is part 2 of our update for MOTY!
The GDI Rifle is now in its complete stages. With the concept by Proto_Igneus, modeling by Incognito, texturing by Rolder and rigging by Helge129, all that is left are basic animations! Notice the cool digital counter?



Secondly, we would like to share one of our original tracks with you! As we are trying our best with the replication of the Tiberian Sun atmosphere, we figured that creating a Frank Klepacki/Jarrid Mendelson type of musical score would be beneficial in replicating the nostalgic atmosphere of Tiberian Sun!
Check out the track and let us know what you think!

As always, this team wouldn't be anywhere without the incredible leadership of Jack_Hammersmith and we can't be thankful enough for him. Like a motherboard, he coordinates all communication between the team members and works behind the scenes furiously to ensure everything is working smoothly. So y'all better recognize!
That's it for part 2 guys! Stay tuned for part 3! This will be the most exciting one yet!
Tiberian Genesis Staff
P.S. - Please vote if you haven't already!!
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 Post Topic: Re: Tiberian Genesis mod introduction
PostPosted 19.12.2011, 21:20 
Final MOTY update guys :)


Hello Everyone!

As you all might know, MOTY is about to conclude in an explosive showdown of many impressive mods that are being developed or released. Tiberian Genesis has really come a long way from its inception, to the state it is in, and we are sure that it will do justice to the epic franchise it is based on.

For our last update, we present to you an ingame video captured during one of our playtests featuring lumbering harvesters, agile buggies, earth shattering explosions, and more. Be sure to check out our video here.

(Please note that the footage is from an early build of the game, and what you see is subject to change)

We also present to you the GDI MLRS Hovercraft, combining agility, range and firepower to provide support whenever and wherever it is needed to turn the tide of the battle.

So, if you haven't already, be sure to vote for us and keep a sharp eye out for an upcoming Infantry only Public Beta, to relive the battles between GDI and NOD.

We are actively looking for new talent especially in the field of Concept Art, Asset Creation (Organic Modeling,Texturing, and Animation) and Audio design, and If you feel you can help us, please drop a mail to, and we will get back to you.
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 Post Topic: Re: Tiberian Genesis mod introduction
PostPosted 19.12.2011, 21:37 
Nice work, vehicles look quite authentic  :))

Releasing the mod as tech levels is interesting, should keep everyone waiting for more  :happy:

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 Post Topic: Re: Tiberian Genesis mod introduction
PostPosted 21.12.2011, 23:18 
Ah this would have been so much better from the standard camera view of C&C.
Like Kane's Wrath, Tiberium Wars and Generals 2, etc... Any possibility to change that?

Maybe introduce a Zoom In/Out feature with the mousescroll?


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 Post Topic: Re: Tiberian Genesis mod introduction
PostPosted 21.12.2011, 23:53 
I love the track you made

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