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PostPosted 22.12.2010, 22:44 
Hi !
I delete the post because of the FBI investigation....more seriously because the video posted was in bad quality so I upload a new one in true HD you can check that here

following by the last screenshot from the map (in HD for the wallpaper's fans if there are some)


Thank's everybody for your friendly support since 2007 !! and Merry christmas :xmas:
See you next year ;)

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PostPosted 23.12.2010, 01:40 
Beautiful work! Seriously the video looks fantastic! Great stuff!!!

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PostPosted 23.12.2010, 02:04 
Very nice work !

Textures are top notch !


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PostPosted 23.12.2010, 11:42 
Lot of cool stuff in this moody video :love:

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PostPosted 24.12.2010, 01:15 
LOL, for how many years did you work on this map once again?

Looks great mate ;)'

Edit: Am also gonna leave a little feedback on your latest pics. Maybe you should increase the contrast a little bit. Also you may want to add a slightly depth of field to focus your level for closer range and whats close to the camera and not what's behind and further away.

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PostPosted 17.01.2011, 22:50 
Great work, i was astounded right at the first time i saw it, and i has became more then i thought. The textures are awesome, and the level design is also preety atmospheric.

Will this be released ?

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PostPosted 22.01.2011, 00:07 
I would like to see some ponds in the street and may be a runlet. In addition may be some water coming from the buildings or out of a drip rail. Apart from that it is simply impressive/awesome.

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 Post Topic: Re: [WIP] Industry Map (last screen and HD video 22dec/2010)
PostPosted 16.03.2012, 00:43 
How goes it bro? Can't wait to roam around your industry map :)
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PostPosted 16.03.2012, 00:56 
And here we go with bumps. Please don't do that.

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