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 Post Topic: Eye of the Serpent
PostPosted 12.06.2008, 22:17 
Description ..............

Satellite imaging has shown that the North Koreans are concentrated at a lake hidden deep

in the mountains. More and more soldiers are arriving to this location and activity in

this area has been increasing. There must something of interest in this remote location.

Recently they have started jamming radar over this location.

Thermal imaging has shown that there is also an ever growing presence of aliens in this

same location. Is this a coincidence? You will need to go in and lead the investigation of

this site. Once in you will need to knock out their jamming capabilities so reinforcements

can come in and aid in your efforts.
We have an undercover operative that was able to infiltrate their science team. The

jamming of all communication has cut off our intel from him. Find him and see that he can

escape. We need his information. His last report mentioned something about the eye of the

serpent. You will need to go in and see that this location is cleared of all hostiles and

report back any relevant information.


Cinemetic trackviews to carry along story.
Developing story over 7 levels
Varied environments. jungle, lakeside, mountaintop, cliffside, valleys, nightime,dawn.
Large battle scenes
Varied thematic elements: action, seriousness, comedy, physics stuff, chase scene,

helping soldiers, air support......
Moving entities to create unique items
Continuous storyline and characters from one level to the next.
Loading of next level at completion of current one
5-10 objectives per level
Hand drawn loading screen
Mini map
Ambient sounds

Here are the links. You need to download all to play the entire story.








Have fun. I spent ALOT of time creating them.
If you have problems and know the solutions please post.

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PostPosted 13.06.2008, 02:23 
Wow Thanks alot!

BTW, I liked z10 and z12 alot.

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PostPosted 13.06.2008, 02:50 
awesome ive been waiting for the next Zseries release
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PostPosted 13.06.2008, 10:27 
I played z14~z16, I'm playing z17... game crashes during play frequently...
I checked z17 savedata... its filesize is over 50MB... too too big!!!!! WTF! :baby:

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PostPosted 13.06.2008, 11:50 
Could you upload those (maybe in a few seperate .rar files) to the Crymod DDB? I'd like to add these to the SP Roundup on Monday :)
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PostPosted 13.06.2008, 13:38 
Could someone tell me where i can download the other so called "z levels"? These look great and I would like to check out the others.

EDIT: The links for z14 and z15 are not working. Could you upload them to crymod please?


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PostPosted 13.06.2008, 14:23 
Ace has gone insane! :) Thanks Ace!

I am only on Z14 so far and the only problems I have run across, I dropped through some rocks twice near the last radars in the cliffs.
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PostPosted 13.06.2008, 14:26 
I completed all maps... z14~z20. Bad performance, but good gameplay.
Hmm... z17 have big problem?

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PostPosted 13.06.2008, 21:37 
I know 17 has problems. It crashes on me around the 2nd objective. If anyone knows a solution I could fix and resubmit it. I could chop it into 2 levels maybey? I can get through one time and the next time it crashes? On my xp machine it does better. It is kind of important to the story so I would welcome some suggestions.
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PostPosted 14.06.2008, 03:06 
Um How do you install this?
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PostPosted 14.06.2008, 11:14 
Ace - excellent maps, only on 14 so far I think or does it automatically move on to 15 etc. Only comments apart from excellent are that there is too much ammo lying around, and the scene at the lakeside with the 2 big aliens slows down performance wise but still very enjoyable!
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PostPosted 14.06.2008, 14:00 
These levels are geared toward very high end machines. I didn't want to hold back to much. The levels should automatically load from one to the next as long as you put them all into your levels folder. Although for performance I have noticed that performance progressively degrades if you keep playing without manually starting the levels. I think cysis holds on to memory to long? My main machine I test it on for acceptable playability is a vista32 core2quad 2.6 4 gig memory 9800gtx. I will get an average 30 fps throughout most of the levels. I The shoreside attack has alot going on. If you take the back route through the rocks it improves performance.(quad core recommended, alot of AI going on) Take out the groups a little at a time and lead your support to the encampment, then go for the aliens. The NK will take out most of the aliens health while you pick off the troops at the encampment. This is my favorite battle in the game.

I added them all to the singleplayer download section yesterday, so they should be showing up there pretty soon.

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PostPosted 15.06.2008, 17:34 
Ace, I'm still playing z14, but I wanted to comment on the high number of rocks/areas with no collisions. I keep falling through areas to an underground lake because I'm trying to use non-traditional routes. Meaning, I'm not using your foot paths.

The map is great looking but it's very discouraging to attempt scale an area only to fall hundreds of feet BELOW your current mission. This is forcing me to reload saved games left and right.

It would be nice to see this map polished up some to fix those errors.

I also agree the ammo is a bit too plentiful. The mission would be more difficult if you have to scavenge ammo from your victims. Only put a weapons cache every so often, not every 100m or so. I'm not sure if it's an oversight, but I'm finding rifle grenades every where, but I have yet to find the launcher. The inclusion of binocs would be nice also.

Thanks again for your work on the maps.
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PostPosted 15.06.2008, 19:26 
I've been playing z14 up to 16 (I'm waiting until z17 will be fixed)

well it's a great project, the maps are very huge (with all maps its near the size of crysis!)

Some places looked strange, where there are too many rocks for example, it might need some polishing, but over all its great fun. What I realy liked at the maps is the action that is going on... Koreans fighting aliens and you are right in the middle of the battlezone

thats so cool, i missed that at crysis

I hope z17 wil be fixed, so I can go on playing these impressive maps
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PostPosted 16.06.2008, 10:56 
Is it just me, or is the first map really glichy, IE aliens not attacking you, npc's stuck in walls, fake rocks and so forth.

Some checkpoints, and remembering to carry weapons from level to level would be nice, but considering you can play the first level entirely with missiles, there isn't much point.

Does it get any better after the first map?

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