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 Post Topic: Nature - TOD map (Download NOW!)
PostPosted 25.04.2010, 16:58 
Hi Guys,
I want to present my Nature map, which I created specifically for TOD art and Benchmarking. It has a nice trackview showing some European-style forest and mountains.
The map runs about as good as Crysis stock island maps (confirmed by testers)

Download now:[Release] Nature - TOD map
Download also:
The attachment below the pics is a different TOD setting. Just load it in your TOD editor and set the time to 8.14 for the look of the last pic


(TOD of this pic can be downloaded from the attachhment below)


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PostPosted 25.04.2010, 17:08 
Awesome. There's something about the TOD that makes it seem very natural.
Benchmarking trackviews is a great idea since they always seem to have very low frames even in areas that have little to no detail.

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PostPosted 25.04.2010, 17:18 
Holy moly! This must be one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen created with the SB2. Simply amazing.

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PostPosted 25.04.2010, 17:25 
Wow, awsome stuff there keep it up!

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PostPosted 25.04.2010, 17:29 
that looks fanatastic but what fps do you get on veryhigh?
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PostPosted 25.04.2010, 17:32 
Awesome setting. It feels so.. real! Great ToD!

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PostPosted 25.04.2010, 18:14 

8 MB pics :(

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PostPosted 25.04.2010, 18:54 
Best pine maps i've seen to date. Very natural :)
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PostPosted 25.04.2010, 19:12 
Originally posted by icomrade
that looks fanatastic but what fps do you get on veryhigh?

:) There is a reason I want this to be a potential benchmark ...

Talking about picture 1, because it is the heavist,
on Fullscreen I get about 15 FPS with Medium (HDR on) and about 8 FPS with Very High.
The Triangle count is about 1.5 mio with Medium and up to 3.5 mio with Very High, it peaks up to 4.0 once. This might sound very bad, but in fact those trees (European Nature Pack) do not have as good LODs as the Crysis Palms do. And also, as this is a map for TOD-artists i used several layers of grass with quite a big view distance so it looks nice.
Now the FPS are not representative because stock Crysis runs about the same with my current config. I have a Pentium D (worst DualCore ever - simply 2 Pentium 4s) which is underclocked to 2.5 Ghz right now and is a great bottleneck.
This map is not really "finished", it's only one side that's populated with trees and stuff. If anyone wanted this to be a gameplay map you could easily cut down View distance and grass etc.

Ok, running my CPU at 3.4 Ghz makes it run with 10 FPS at Fullscreen with 4.0 Mio polys.
About 10 FPS at stock Crysis with some view on "Village" with about 2 mio polys.

The map is about 40 mb with the vegetation right now. Anyone who wants to record a video for me? (The map does not run significantly worse than the normal crysis if your CPU is the bottleneck i guess)

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PostPosted 25.04.2010, 19:23 
Really great work, Thomy. I agree with jaraldo in that this is the best pine map up to date. My processor would melt if I try to run this map but that isn't gonna stop my from trying. :P

Keep it up.

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PostPosted 25.04.2010, 19:44 
Oh my 8o


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PostPosted 25.04.2010, 23:05 

Watch below

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PostPosted 26.04.2010, 15:13 
Now in HD!
[YOUTUBE]<object width="1300" height="765"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="1300" height="765"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]
Youtube Link

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PostPosted 26.04.2010, 15:36 
Just awesome!

Image Video
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PostPosted 26.04.2010, 18:47 
I saw a pine benchmark map in the PCGH news, idk if it was your map ? Anyway, this one is at the the top of the pine environnement, its really beautiful

Want to see fireworks in CryEngine37 ? ... 0&index=38

(1080p with badass audio required :D)